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General Hints[]

  • Use the level 99 trick[1] Some levels allow the level 99 trick by adjusting some settings in the cheat shop. (It should also be ok to use levels close to 99). For further informations on how the EXP formula works see the wiki entry or [2]
  • Use the cheat shop to gain more exp faster.
  • Use "Statistician" innocents to your advantage (can be stacked up to 900% more exp). Guide to raise Innocents
  • The Sage can help a lot with leveling due to her unique skills to attack all enemies on the map. A sage combined with the Bootcamp Squad this can be very helpful. A guide for leveling sages can be found here.
  • The Carnage Dimension is a very good area for grinding.[3]
  • Opening the Carnage Dimension also gives 1000% at the cheat shop to get more XP.

World 2-1 (Spirit Interment - Companion Zone)[]

First destroy the center Geo Symbol then the one to the left to get the 50% EXP Bonus. Then you can kill the enemies at the center. This stage is quite good to grind early on.[3]

World 2-5(Spirit Internment - Coffin of Spirits)[]

There are 6 level 9 zombies and 3 level 10 zombies one of them in a exp + 50% geo panel, by setting it to 6 stars the levels become 31 and 34 therefore allowing you to fuse 2 level 34's and one level 31 to make a level 99 enemy which you can lure to the +50 exp geo panel

World 3-4 (Poisondise - Hazardous Highway 4)[]

There are 3 enemies on a +50% Enemy Boost Geo panel. Unfortunately the level 99 trick does not work here, nevertheless a very nice grinding location since all enemies are right at the start.[3] Also setting it to 18 stars in the cheat shop gives level 95 enemies which is below the effect of level 99 but still is around the effect of lvl 133 characters [2][1]

World 4-2 (Demunshroom - Rustling Bacteria)[]

Turn up difficulty to 16 Stars to enable the level 99 trick. Very nice location in the early game.[3]

World 6-4 (Dragon Fang - Sharp Fang Shrine)[]

After completing the world the first time the Geo Symbols change to +50% EXP & HL. Setting to 9 Stars in the Cheat shop allows you to use the Lvl 99 Trick. The easiest way to grind is to put a tower or characters on the left ladder at the beginning. The enemies will all automatically swarm to your position just kill one after the other.[3]

World 7-6 (Sandcano - Challenge Stage)[]

A post game quest named CHM77 Invitation unlocks the Challenge Stage with 76 gunners that all have 1hp no matter enemy difficulty. A good training map for Sage, Dark knight because of Ripple impact skill,Fight mistress because of the Anaconda Impact skill and any unit with comet disaster overload. Some speed runners of this game use that map to get exp fast.[3]

World 10-4 (Toto Bunny - Cooperation Plaza)[]

There are 5 enemies in a + formation standing on +50% EXP panels and close to the base panel. Unfortunately the level 99 Trick does not work here. Nevertheless one of the best stages for grinding.[4]

The Phantom Copies - Double Fake (aka Asagi Map)[]

After passing the Research a Strange Netherworld bill in the dark assembly The Phantom Copies gets unlocked with only one map (Double Fake) with a lot of Asagis (100). This is is good training spot for the sage.

Martial Training 1[]

There are 3 enemies in a delta pattern. After defeating the stage once a +100% EXP effect is added to the geo panels. The level 99 trick is applicable after setting the difficulty to 1 star in the cheat shop.[4]

Martial Training 5[4][5][]

As with previous titles, the best place to level in Disgaea 5 is the final Martial Training trial. For this trial you need to defeat a giant Lucky Board, which can be annoying since they only take damage if it is greater than or equal to their total HP, and some additional boards if you want.

The best advice I can give is to go in guns blazing if you have to. By this I mean eat stat boosting curry, equip the best gear, use the best squads, magichange like crazy and don’t be afraid to buff your characters if need be. At first all of this will be pretty tedious, but the experience gain is so great that it will more than make up for any amount of time you spend doing it. Finally, if you’re having serious problems completing this challenge, keep an eye out for the Board Killer evility. This one gives you an additional 50% attack against Lucky Boards, which helps a lot.

In fact, the spot is so effective that it is possible to instantly go from level 1 to 9,999 in a single round under the right conditions. With 900 statisticians it’s possible to go from level 1 to 9,999 on the Carnage Dimension one star version. With the two star version it is possible to hit 9,999 in the Elite Four or Boot Camp Squad by simply killing the giant Lucky Board with 900 statisticians. Finally, it is more or less possible to get anyone to 9,999 instantly, regardless of factors, by just killing the Lucky Board on the three star difficulty.

Sub-Class Leveling[]

General Info about Sub-Class Leveling[]

To raise levels in sub classes it is necessary to either destroy strong enemies or objects like geo symbols. Sub-classes are very important to raise stats. When all sub classes are on Mastery level, after reincarnating stats raise about 10 Million each. One gets the most XP by blasting geo-symbols in a high rank carnage item with 12 stars with the Trash Pickup or Geo Blast evilities (see below).

Helpful Evilities & Skills[]

  • Workshop intern: Get this at the skill shop, get 10% more XP for subclass levels per kill.
  • Pro-Job Changer & Career Master: You can find them with some luck in the Chara-World when you try for evilities in the end. They give 80% or 100% to XP for sub classes per kill.
  • Trash Pickup: This is an evility of Raspberyl and let you death blow objects with attacks or skills. You can use it in the item world to farm for subclasses. The evility can be shared with other characters through the chara world. Just duplicate the evility at the end. This evility is especially helpful since it also works if a character with this evility is in a tower. One can use this to level sub-classes of multiple characters. Although some people suggest to focus on Geo Symbols because they bring the most XP, destroying other objects with Trash Pickup like item symbols bring a ton of XP as well.
  • Geo Blast: A skill of the Sage class which can be shared with other characters through the item world as well.Geo Blast has a high range and death blows geo symbols.
  • Create Box: An special ability of the Thief class which creates boxes other characters can destroy. Very useful in the early game.[6]

Other Tricks[]

Use unopened Soda: [7][]

  • 1. Play through the campaign until you're stuck. Keep a reserve of cash for later.
  • 2. Purchase Unopened Soda at the shop for 38$ -- as many as you can. It takes four (4) to gain one (1) level, requiring eight (8) uses. Food items give 1/8th of a level per use.
  • 3. Go to 1-1 or 1-4 with a solo character and use Unopened Soda every turn. This can be done on any map you choose, but it's easier to complete early stages solo for farming purposes.
  • 4. Use the extra cash earned by completing missions to purchase more Unopened Soda. Keep going until you're Level 150.

Magichanged monsters share 100% exp with their "host".[]

You can use this to level 4 monsters up (quad magichange) at a time along with your current heavy hitters.[3]

Prinny Instructor:[3][]

The Prinny Instructor evility stacks with itself, giving +100% EXP to any Prinnies in the same squad. The Prinny Hat evility makes the unit count as a Prinny even if they aren't a Prinny and aren't in the Prinny Squad, which makes the bonus applicable to the character.

If one puts a character with Prinny Hat equipped in a maxed Foot Soldier Squad, Relief Party or Dark Assembly Squad and fill that squad with characters that have Prinny Instructor equipped they'll gain 20x(if they can't buff themselves) or 21x(if they can) EXP from all sources.

Prinny Instructor is a common evility exclusively learned by Valvatorez(DLC for the PS4 version, Special Content for Complete), so it has to be learned with him and run him through Chara World to make scrolls of it for other characters. Prinny Hat similarly is a common evility exclusivly taught to Fuka(also DLC/Special Content) so again one will need Chara World to spread it.