Type Title Decription How to Obtain
Prinny Platinum Unanimously Elected Complete all other trophies.
You have obtained all the trophies.
Earn all the trophies.
D4 Trophy Gold 01 Gold Biggus Stickus Inflict 10,000,000,000 damage.

There are multiple ways to achieve this massive damage but it requires a lot of offensive multipliers and defeating weaker enemies.

Visit the Chara World to improve your critical rate by 25% and increase your offensive aptitudes to 300%. Having stronger equipment such as level 300, 4 matching rarity equipment, or Rank 40 items with good offensive Innocents, weapon specialists, and Guardian specialists in armor. Most of equipment can be obtained easily by mass duping. Reincarnate your characters to improve your base stats then make those characters reach level 9999. Also, using offensive evilites, Evil Symbols, offensive boosters, Beast Masters for monsters, dual magichange, geoblocks, or improving skill rank, will greatly increase damage done.

D4 Trophy Gold 02 Gold Evildoer of the Year Unlock all Evil Symbols. Go to the Evil Symbols page for more information.
D4 Trophy Gold 03 Gold Items Roadshow Collect all items (excluding grades). Now aim for completing all the grades too! This one takes some time so stick it through.  Some items can only be found in the Item World.
D4 Trophy Silver 01 Silver Pimp My Ship Collect all of the Pirate Ship parts. Go to the Pirate Editor page for more information.
D4 Trophy Silver 02 Silver Intelligence Director All ranks of all job and monster classes can be created through Character Creation.

Go to Disgaea 4 class page to see the unlocking reqiurements for different classes.

First, expand your Training Ground to 6 slots by visiting the Chara world. Fill the 5 slots with 5 different classes. The last slot should be devoted towards a offensive character with Big Bang weapon skill with multiple Statistician specialists. Place a Nekomata in Fusion Weapon Lab evil symbol. Pass the strongest enemy bill. Go to Mt. Ordeal 4. Fuse a monster with Nekomata then magichange a unit with the Big Bang weapon skill. Use the extended Big Bang skill to kill the enemies. Rinse and repeat until you create all the classes.

D4 Trophy Silver 03 Silver Special Stalker Watch all of the special skills. Witness all character and monster skills.
D4 Trophy Silver 04 Silver X-tra-Dimension-al Conquisator Clear all of the X-Dimension maps. Purchase all of the Illegal Tickets from the two Scalpers in the Item World. It is recommended to use characters with high movement as they will help clear most stages with ease (especially those with a turn limit).
D4 Trophy Silver 05 Silver Roaring Pringer Bringer Downer Defeat Pringer X: Roar in the Land of Carnage This battle should not be attempted without characters with stats in the tens of millions. A easy way to beat this stage is by having one strong character with Rune Dimension (such as Valvatorez).  Throw all of the Pringer X's into one area (the shape of Giant Rune Dimension) then have a Giant Monster magichange with your attacker then use Rune Dimension on the Pringer X's, killing them all provided that your character does over 400 million damage.
Disgaea opening Bronze This is Disgaea 4! Watch the opening anime. Watch the whole opening without skipping to the start menu.
New Party Established Bronze New Party Established Clear up to Episode 3 in the main story. Finish Episode 3.
D4 Trophy Bronze 03 Bronze E Pluribus Netherum Clear up to Episode 7 in the main story. Finish Episode 7.
D4 Trophy Bronze 04 Bronze The End of the Beginning Clear the main game and unlock the Post-Game Finish Episode 10 and start Post-Game.
D4 Trophy Bronze 05 Bronze Carnage in the Streets Visit the Land of Carnage Go to the Land of Carnage for the first time.
D4 Trophy Bronze 06 Bronze Fenrich's Mission Watch Fenrich's Epilogue

Go to the Legendary Tree page for more information.

D4 Trophy Bronze 07 Bronze The Melancholy of Fuka Kazamatsuri Watch Fuka's Epilogue Go to the Legendary Tree page for more information.
D4 Trophy Bronze 08 Bronze Desco's New Purpose Watch Desco's Epilogue

Go to the Legendary Tree page for more information.

D4 Trophy Bronze 09 Bronze Vote for Emizel Watch Emizel's Epilogue Go to the Legendary Tree page for more information.
D4 Trophy Bronze 10 Bronze Of Promises Past Watch Artina's epilogue.

Go to the Legendary Tree page for more information.

This epilogue also plays by default if no other requirements are met.

D4 Trophy Bronze 11 Bronze Fight the God Fight Defeat God (self-proclaimed) and watch the ending. To get to the god fight you can only deploy only Valvatorez in the Final Episode map Boiling Point (10-6).  Go back into chapter and beat the map (doesn't matter who you use) Then you should get this trophy.
D4 Trophy Bronze 12 Bronze Party On, Axel Defeat Axel in the Post-Game and make him an ally. Complete Postlude 1
D4 Trophy Bronze 13 Bronze Party On, Archangel Flonne Defeat Archangel Flonne in the Post-Game and make her an ally. Complete Postlude 2
D4 Trophy Bronze 14 Bronze Party On, Beryl Defeat Raspberyl in the Post-Game and make her an ally. Complete Postlude 3
D4 Trophy Bronze 15 Bronze Party On, Etna Defeat Etna in the Post-Game and make her an ally. Complete Postlude 4
D4 Trophy Bronze 16 Bronze Party On, Laharl Defeat Laharl in the Post-Game and make him an ally. Complete Postlude 5
D4 Trophy Bronze 17 Bronze Party On, Asagi Defeat Asagi in the Post-Game and make her an ally. Complete Postlude 6
D4 Trophy Bronze 18 Bronze Party On, Prinny Kurtis Defeat Prinny Kurtis in the Post-Game and make him an ally. Complete Postlude 7
D4 Trophy Bronze 19 Bronze Party On, Zetta Defeat Zetta in the Post-Game and make him an ally. Complete Postlude 9
D4 Trophy Bronze 20 Bronze Viva Sprites! Fight five battles with the 'Classic' display option. Pixels still rock! Repeat the first level 5 times with the "classic" option enabled.
D4 Trophy Bronze 21 Bronze Baby's First Reincarnation. Reincarnate for the first time. Reincarnate any character.
Snare Bear Stare Bronze Snare Bear Stare Throw and capture an enemy character in the base panel. Place the Discipline room Evil Symbol and throw an enemy into the base panel that you can create and that is also a lower level than Valvatorez.
Success comes failure Bronze Success Comes From Failure Get a Game Over from having your party get defeated. Deploy a bunch of weak level 1 units or throw several Prinnies to speed up the process.
D4 Trophy Bronze 24 Bronze Collateral Damage Defeat an ally character Kill your own ally.
D4 Trophy Bronze 25 Bronze Treasure Hunter Open 100 Treasure Chests.

Treasure chests have a high spawn rate on Reverse Pirating. You can use the duping trick to access Reverse Pirating multiple times.

Note: This is not required as more than 100 treasure chests are likely to appear during the story or in the post game before reverse pirating.

D4 Trophy Bronze 26 Bronze Lead-Tongued Tyrant Persuade by force three times. Lose 3 different votes and pass them by defeating the senators in battle.
D4 Trophy Bronze 27 Bronze Step Back and Watch the Fireworks! Explode ten prinnies in a row. For this you need 12 prinnies. The first prinny you throw doesn't count, neither does the first prinny to explode. Put one space between each Prinny. Using the map editor is the easiest way to accomplish this.
The Power of Creation Compels You Bronze The Power of Creation Compels You Conduct your first Map Edit. Save an original map that you just created.
D4 Trophy Bronze 29 Bronze Pirate Is as Pirate Does Conduct your first Reverse Pirating. Defeat a pirate to gain access to the Pirate Editor. Once you create a ship you can access Reverse Pirating. You can reverse pirate an item with an item level of 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100.
D4 Trophy Bronze 30 Bronze Scavenger Hunt Champion of the Netherworld Open all chests in the base from Episode 1 to Post-Game.

Open 3 chests in every episode, and 5 chests in the Post-Game. The last two chests on the sides can only be accessed by having Valvatorez reach level 6000+ to improve his jumping height. Use the Power Leveling guide to help reach that level.

Note: You can reach the treasure at level 5000. If you keep jumping, Valvatorez will glitch through the ground then magically appear on top of treasure chest.

How that's item world 30 Bronze How's That Item World Coming Along? Clear 30 floors in the Item World. Go through thirty Item World gates or kill all enemies on a floor until you reach item level 30 (It can also be spread across multiple items).
D4 Trophy Bronze 32 Bronze Hangin' at the Quick Yield Max Out the Rosen Queen Company customer level at 12.

This will Very likely happen during the story requiring less than a few million to achieve. However one clear of Mt. Ordeal 4 can easily achieve the amount of money required to reach customer level 12.

D4 Trophy Bronze 33 Bronze Phantom Thief Steal 10 Rare and/or Legendary Items. Increase your Thief's level, the stealing hands HIT stat, or steal from an enemy by standing to the sides or rear to improve your stealing success rate. A fast way to level up a thief is to inherit Big Bang then go to Mt. Ordeal 4 to level up. Go to the Power Leveling page for more information.
D4 Trophy Bronze 34 Bronze Damages with Wolves Inflict 100,000 damage. Simply level your characters and equipment until you can deal this much damage (very early post game).
D4 Trophy Bronze 35 Bronze Axel Statue Down! Accidentally destroy Axel's statue in the Mystery Room Can also be accomplished if the statue appears in a random Item World map.
D4 Trophy Bronze 36 Bronze Bottom of the 9999th! Train an ally up to LV 9999. Grind at Mt. Ordeal 4 to reach this level. Go to the Power leveling page for more information.
D4 Trophy Bronze 37 Bronze Master Crafter Increase an item up to LV 300. You can get 100 levels for clearing 100 floors on a Legendary item. You can get another 30 levels for choosing the Item Growth Route every time. You can get 55-80 levels by Reverse Pirating depending on which level sphere you threw onto your Pirate ship (+10 yellow, +15 red, and +1 killing an Item Boss). The rest of the levels can either be gained by picking up green level spheres(+5) or accessing certain mystery rooms. It is far easier to get green level spheres. Selecting Item Growth Route multiple times will dramatically increase the chances of finding a level sphere. Keep reseting, saving and using multiple Mr. Gency items until you boost your item's rank to level 300.
D4 Trophy Bronze 38 Bronze Dominatrix Lovin' Enforce discipline 100 times.

Place the Discipline Room Evil Symbol and use 100 torture actions.

Note:You'll probably get this trophy if you're aiming to get all the ship parts.

D4 Trophy Bronze 39 Bronze Timid Timmy Cancel 1,000 battle actions.

Very simple trophy. You can intentionally cancel 1,000 battle actions to unlock this trophy.

Note: You will likely obtain this through the course of the story or very early post game.

D4 Trophy Bronze 40 Bronze Lobbyist Hobbyist Give 50 bribes Fill your inventory with items, then bribe the senators to get this trophy (Will take 3-4 trips if starting from 0 bribes).
D4 Trophy Bronze 41 Bronze Scrooge the Pooge Get over 100,000,000 HL

The best places for money and level grinding is 9-4 and Mt Ordeal 4. Pass the "Strongest Enemies" bill via by senate. For map 9-4, fuse your monster with Desco to use her Yog Sothoth special attack. For MT Ordeal 4, have a Nekomata or Mystic Beast in the Fusion Weapon Lab. Fuse a monster with them and magichange with a unit with the Big Bang weapon skill. Use the extended Big Bang skill to kill the enemies in one attack. Use Broker Innocents and stronger enemy bills to speed up the process.

D4 Trophy Bronze 42 Bronze Pirate Ninja Defeat 100 Pirate Crew Members in the Item World

Go to the Cam-pain HQ then place an Item World Radar to increase the chances of finding pirates. Go to the Pirates page for more information.

Note: The Item World Radar does not increase the pirate encounter rate but rather it allows you to see pirates before you get to their floor.

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