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Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited is an expanded rerelease of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten on the PlayStation Vita. It contains all of the downloadable content made available in the original PS3 game and also features newly added game content. However some content was also cut out, such as the old SD sprites and voice acting for certain scenes (such as the Netherbattle Tournament). It is PSTV-compatible, though the downloadable demo version isn't.

It was later ported to PS4, Switch and PC as Disgaea 4: Complete+.
iOS and Android version while being called A Promise Revisited is actually a Complete+.

New Features[]

  • DLC: All DLC from the PS3 version is included. This includes downloadable characters, scenarios, Pirate Editor parts and other add-on content.
  • Disgaea 3 Connectivity: Both Rutile and Stella Grossular from Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention can also be recruited if the player has a Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention save on their PlayStation Vita.
  • Scenarios: A new story campaign called the Time Leap Episode, showing how Valvatorez and Artina first met.
  • Skill Improvements:
    • Various skills had their power increased, and the SS power level was added.
    • A new tier of Spell called Peta was added, last seen in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days.
    • Special Skills unique to Generic classes make a return from Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention.
    • A Skill Weakening option is included in the Evility Shop in case the player boosted skills so much that the skill could not be usable due to high SP costs.
    • Tier 9 skills can now be learned by various non-DLC characters. See List of Disgaea 4 Weapons for details.
  • New Facilities:
    • The Cheat Shop from Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness is included, featuring the ability to change multiple aspects of the game.
    • The Event Viewer which allows the player to rewatch cutscenes that were already watched at least once.
    • The Innocent Warehouse from Disgaea D2 is also included, allowing storage of Innocents. Up to 256 Innocents can be stored.
  • Quality of Life Improvements:
    • There is now a option in the menu when speaking to Pleinair to directly access the Dark Senate without having to enter the Cam-Pain HQ. It is unlocked after passing any bill.
    • The player can now bribe the Dark Senate with HL like in Disgaea D2.
    • A Weapon Sprite Change option in the Senate to change the appearance of most weapon types.
    • Character Promotion from Disgaea D2 is included.
    • The option to put characters into 3 different dispatch groups from Disgaea D2 also makes a return.
    • The Item Warehouse storage has also increased from 512 items to 999 items maximum. The Item Bag's storage capacity has also doubled from 32 to 64.
    • New Rank 40 Items were added which outclass the other Rank 40 items that were previously the best in their category in terms of stats. The new Rank 40 items can be obtained by stealing them from an Item God 2 of the original Rank 40 items in the Land of Carnage.
    • Multiple changes to Chara World and Item World were made. A character can have up to 6 Chara World visits instead of 3; Meowkin Pirates appear at Floors 26+ in the Item World; there are now 2 Level Spheres when Reverse Pirating, one Red Sphere, and one Yellow Sphere, and more changes were made in order to streamline both gameplay mechanics.
    • The player can now freely reposition a character within his/her movement range without having to cancel their current action.
    • The player can now choose to retry a stage, exit back to base, or quit to main menu on any map except for the Item World and Chara World.
    • HL Costs for Promotional Tickets, Character Color Palettes, BGM/Songs, have been signifigantly reduced. CP costs for various map parts/Geo Effects have also been reduced
  • Early Unlock Code: Various new functions are unlocked through story progression, with all DLC character and scenarios notably only becoming available after beating the story. Entering a special code lets you start a new game with everything available from the beginning. The code adjusts to controller type and bindings, and consists of pressing the buttons for the following actions while in the main menu: Menu, Movement Range, Cancel, Menu, Movement Range, Cancel, Accept. Valvatorez will shout a quip if input correctly.
    • In PlayStation controllers with default bindings it would be: Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X.

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Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited received "generally favorable" reviews on Metacritic holding a metascore of 82/100 based on 32 critic reviews.[1]


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