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This is a PSN downloadable content for Disgaea 3 that can be purchased at the PSN store.

The big benefit of this is unlocking the character class "Angel". This is unlocked when an item world command run puts you in the top 100 in the rankings.

You can unlock other items and weapons.

The fewer number of commands, the better.

The dungeon maps, like the item world, is random. The exception is that there are 3 enemy base panels in each floor. There are 10 floors in the command world.

The commands that are tracked is movement, lift, throw, and attack. The commands not counted is counterattacks.

There are event blocks that require 3-6 characters to unlock. Once the number of characters are on the blocks (they can either be a single set of blocks that need six characters, or two sets of blocks that need three characters each), a dimension gate and a gate keeper will appear.

Killing a gate keeper gives you a 5 command bonus, the keeper on the 10th floor gives you a 20 command bonus.

The best trick is to have 7 characters with hyperdrives, and a 8th character with 3 leveled, ledgendary barefoot x (with the movement bills passed in the classroom assembly). The other two characters should have maximum throwing for the best results. You use 6 characters with hyperspeed to access the event blocks, and a seventh to kill the gate keeper. The 8th character uses the gate to go to the next floor. If this works, you should be on the hook for just 4 commands per floor. On the 10th floor, you only need three commands. When you get the bonus, the lowest commands that you can be on the hook on should be 20.

Commands per run: 20 or fewer: Amazing 21-40: very good 41-60: average 61 and up: needs more work