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The Discipline Room, also known as the Interrogation Room, is a facility introduced in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. Enemies that have been captured become prisoners and are sent to this room, where they can be extorted for various rewards.

Disgaea 4[]

D4 Discipline Room

A captured Prinny in Disgaea 4.

The Discipline Room is enabled by placing the Evil Symbol of the same name, unlocked by throwing enemies 3 times. After picking a prisoner, the player can choose from a list of punishments to lower their SP, enabling rewards at certain thresholds. Every class reacts differently to each punishment, and the list of punishments depends on the members of the Evil Symbol. Up to 6 punishments can be carried out in a row, and this amount is refreshed after each battle.

List of possible extortions:

  • Take Money: (SP ≤ 50%) Gain HL from the prisoner.
  • Find Treasure: (SP ≤ 20%) Make a treasure chest appear in a random stage. Possible chest rewards depend on the prisoner's class and level.
  • Take in as an Ally: (SP ≤ 40%) Prisoner becomes a playable unit. Beware that taking this option disables the previous two.
  • Release: Let prisoner go.

Disgaea 5[]

D5 Interrogation Room

Interrogating various prisoners in Disgaea 5.

Called the Interrogation Room in this game, it becomes available after beating stage 3-2. Its functions depend on the Interrogation Squad, and the squad Leader carries out the interrogation.

Similar to the previous game, one must choose from a list of interrogation techniques that lower the prisoner's SP, enabling rewards once it's empty. There's 4 basic techniques that decrease SP by 10/15/20/25%(depending on Squad level), and a special Leader-dependant one that decreases it by 15/20/25/30%(depending on Squad level). Note that each technique has a stat associated to it, and if the prisoner's corresponding stat is higher than the interrogator's the effect of the technique is reduced(nullified if the stat is twice as high). Up to 5 interrogations can be carried out in a row, and this amount is refreshed after each battle.

List of possible extortions:

  • Solicit: (SP = 0) Prisoner becomes a playable unit.
  • Extract: (SP = 0) Gain a Magic Extract(item that permanently increases a unit's stats) and release the prisoner.
  • Make Citizen: Let prisoner go without gaining any reward.

At the Squad Shop it's also possible to assign prisoners to aid a Squad, granting it experience to level up. The experience gained is equal to the prisoner's level, and this amount is tripled if the prisoner's SP has been brought down to 0.