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“The Serpent's Sin of Envy of the Seven Deadly Sins, a member of the Giant Clan.”
—Character description

Diane is one of the main characters of the anime series The Seven Deadly Sins. She appears in Disgaea RPG as an obtainable character through the The Seven Deadly Sins collaboration alongside Meliodas, Elizabeth, Ban, Gowther, King and Merlin.

Diane is a member of the Giant Clan and is a larger person compared to most people. She represents the Serpent's Sin of Envy.



Diane retains her original appearance from the The Seven Deadly Sins series.

Diane looks to be a beautiful, young human woman who just happens to be several times taller than most human beings. She has a sizable bust and a curvaceous figure. She has medium-length brown hair which is tied into two pony tails. She has purple eyes. She wears a sleeveless, orange mini dress with a hole by her chest, exposing her cleavage. The mini dress's buttons appear to be metal balls. She wears mini black shorts underneath her dress. She wears teal gauntlets with metal balls strewn about. She has a tattoo of a serpent on her left leg. She wears brown boots reinforced with steel and tied with yellow ribbons.


Diane retains her personality from the The Seven Deadly Sins series.

Diane is a friendly person who holds high regard for her friends. True to her namesake as the Sin of Envy, her strong feelings for Meliodas make her become jealous whenever he interacts in a perverted fashion with other women. She is fierce in battle and selfless when it comes to saving lives. She hates to fight and hates being lonely.


The Seven Deadly Sins[]

For more information on her story from The Seven Deadly Sins, please visit the Nanatsu no Taizai Wiki

Diane was sleeping until Meliodas, Elizabeth and Hawk dawned upon her. After reuniting with Meliodas, she joins their adventure so she can help him out.

Disgaea RPG[]




Stats Lv. 1 (4★) Lv. 9999 (6★)
HP 135 40508100
ATK 42 12002700
DEF 45 13502700
INT 25 7501500
RES 27 7501800
SPD 49 49
CRT 4% 4%
CRD 140% 140%


Elements Affinity
Fire 0%
Ice 0%
Wind 0%
Star 0%


Status Effects Affinity
Poison 40%
Paralyze 40%
Sleep 40%
Forget 40%

Weapon mastery[]

Weapon Affinity
Sword 4
Fist 4
Spear 4
Bow 4
Gun 4
Axe 10
Wand 4


Condition Name Description
Default Don't Get Reckless Party ATK / DEF + 15%
N.E. +1 Companionship Probability of receiving a single attack on a party other than yourself
N.E. +5 Terra Creation When attacked, your ATK / SPD + 30% (1 turn)
N.E. +7 Pride of the Giants All damage dealt when you equip an ax weapon + 50%


Lv. Name Power SP Target ATT Dep Description
1 Diamond Shield 20 > 14 Party / Party You'd better hide behind me.
DEF+20 > 30% RES+ 20 > 30%
200 Ground Gladius A > A+ 60 > 50 Single / Self ATK I won't forgive you!
[Consecutive Use Prohibited] ATK & DEF + 30% (1 turn)
N.E. +3 Mother Catastrophe C > C+ 90 > 80 AoE / AoE ATK I'll never forgive you!
SPD- 10%


Mastery Name Power SP Target Att DEP Description
4 Armor Break 10 > 4 Single Decreases DEF of the target (3 Turns) DEF-20>35%
9 Speed Down 10 > 4 Single Decreases SPD of the target (3 Turns) SPD-20>35%
15 Braveheart 10 > 4 Ally Increases ATK of the target (3 Turns) ATK+20>35%
22 Mega Armor Break 20 > 14 Single Greatly decreases DEF of the target (3 Turns) DEF-40>55%
30 Mega Speed Down 20 > 14 Single Greatly decreases SPD of the target (3 Turns) SPD-40>55%
40 Mega Braveheart 20 > 14 Ally Greatly increases ATK of the target (3 Turns) ATK+40>55%

Nether Enhancement[]

Enhancement Description
+1 Unlock Evility: Companionship
+2 Parameters +30%
+3 Unlock Skill: Mother Catastrophe
+4 Parameters +10%
+5 Unlock Evility: Terra Creation
+6 Parameters +30%
+7 Unlock Evility: Pride of the Giants
+8 Parameters +10%
+9 Parameters +10%
+10 Parameters +10%

Team affinity[]

Diane has a higher affinity for performing team attacks with the following units:

DRPG Meliodas Icon 1
DRPG Elizabeth Liones Icon 1
DRPG Ban Icon 1
File:DRPG Gowther Icon 1.png
File:DRPG Merlin Icon 1.png
File:DRPG King Icon 1.png
DRPG Elizabeth Liones Icon 2
Devil Girl Elizabeth
DRPG Etna Icon 5
Liones Princess Etna






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