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Demonhall Mirror is the final part of the Cave of Ordeal in Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, the remake of the original PS2 game.


Upon entering the stage for the first time, Etna tells Laharl that this is the place where they keep the magical mirror that reflects the power of the strong. This prompts Laharl to exclaim that he's the strongest demon in all the Netherworld, and he will prove it by killing every demon in there. And thus starts the journey through the different stages of the Demonhall Mirror.


Demonhall Mirror contains 8 different stages. The first 7 stages are unique in that way, that once beaten, they cannot be revisited. The 8th, and final, stage, can be replayed as often as you want. It is also the best leveling spot in Laharl's story.