Demon Lord
EtnaSpriteD4Etnasprite d3
Japanese 魔神
Romaji Majin
Move Range Counter Jump Throw
4 1 2 25 5
Fire Wind Ice
-25% 50% 0%
110% 110% 120% 120%
90% 80% 100% 120%
Base Stats
24 16 19 20
18 14 14 16
Weapon Skills
Sword Spear Axe
- 6 3
Gun Bow Fist
4 - -

Demon Lord is Etna's class in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.

Obtain: Extra Stage 4, "Yes! Nice-Bodied!", unlock by passing "The Nice-Bodied Appears!? bill.

Etna is a character designed around HP, DEF, HIT, and ATK. This statistical build is reflected in her Weapon Fortes: Spear, Axe and Gun. Her stats are best-alligned with the Spear weapon; as it plays to her strengths.

While she can use Guns, her HIT-SPD ratio will reduce her damage output if not customized while her Axe Forte meanwhile only allows her to learn up to the third Tier of skills, prompting Chara World customization in order to be effective.

Etna's native Evility "Dominant Smile" increases the stats of allied Prinnies dispatched by 30%. This is handy if the player uses the Prinny class heavily; though is unimpressive on it's own. The remainder of her Evilities are rather situational. Sadistic however, can be a excellent Evility as it allows Etna to deal 30% extra damage to enemies with full HP and all enemies will initially have 100% HP if they are not damaged by anything else.

Etna is lackluster when she first joins the party, (Due to unimpressive starting Aptitudes) but subsequent Reincarnations transform her into an excellent back-up character. She can also learn all Spear skills up to Meteor Shower by the Evility Shop.

Reincarnation Costs
Good for Nothing Incompetent Average Skilled Distinguished Genius
1 Mana 10 Mana 50 Mana 200 Mana 1000 Mana 5000 Mana



Skill Name Power Stat Element Height Range
Prinny Raid E ATK - 24/24 3
Sexy Beam E ATK - 20/20

In the form of a heart, bottom

starting in front of Etna.

Chaos Impact C ATK - 32/24 Surround AOE



Evility Effect
Fire BodyDamage decreased by 50% when receiving fire attack
Windy BodyDamage decreased by 50% when receiving wind attack
Cool BodyDamage decreased by 50% when receiving ice attack
Star BodyDamage decreased by 50% when receiving star attack
Life's BreathBase HP increased by 5%
Mind DisciplineBase SP increased by 5%
Iron BodyBase DEF increased by 5%
Pool of KnowledgeBase INT increased by 5%
ReflexesBase SPD increased by 5%
Dynamic VisionBase HIT increased by 5%
Mystic ProtectionBase RES incresed by 5%
Poison VaccineChance to evade Poison effect increased by 50%
Sleep VaccineChance to evade Sleep effect increased by 50%
Paralyze VaccineChance to evade Deprave effect increased by 50%
Ailment ImmunityChance to evade all ailments increased by 20%
Impromptu Team attack chance increased by 50%
Forget VaccineChance to evade Forget effect increased by 50%
Deprave VaccineChance to evade Deprave Forget effect increased by 50%
Muscle EnhancementBase ATK increased by 5%


Evility Effect Requirements
Dominant SmileStats of ally Prinnies on map increased by 30% Initial
Ecstasy When joining a team attack, EXP increased by 50% Level 30
Sadistic Damage dealt increased by 30% if enemy's HP is max. Level 60
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