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Demon General is the second episode of Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

The player must talk to the Prinny in the walkway above and behind the shops before the first stage becomes available.


Initial Cutscene[]

The party is not getting along very well, and the other side of Killia reminds him that having allies doesn't suit him and he should only care about his revenge.

Meanwhile, in the Emperor's throne room, Void Dark seems to not care about our heroes' progress, and soon after Demon General Bloodis comes to inform him about his progress so now over 60% of all Netherworlds are under Void Dark's control.

At the Dimension Gate[]

Reports confirm that the Lost are stationed in Spirit Internment, however a Demon General and their army also seem to be there. While Seraphina is very worried about their presence, Red Magnus is interested in finding a strong opponent and Killia just enters the portal without saying a word.


  • 2-1: Companion Zone
  • 2-2: Darkfall Memorial
  • 2-3: Death Promenade
  • 2-4: Deplorable Tombstone
  • 2-5: Coffin of Spirits