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Demmodore Opener is a character in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless.

"Leader of the Netherarmy, an army of well-trained demons. He rules over the Hinomoto Netherworlds, and has warped their traditional views of bushido. Opener wields the Demonic Fist, one of the Seven Founding Weapons, using his almighty power to maintain control over his warriors." - NISA official website

Demmodore Opener is the usurping ruler of the Shogunate of Hinomoto and the leader of its military dictatorship. He wielder the Demonic Fist of the Founding Weapons and acts as a major antagonist of Disgaea 7 up until the end of episode 11, where Swordmaster Mugai is revealed to be the main antagonist. He also becomes playable during the post-game as part of the Postlude. He is also the husband of Cannon Line and is the father of Pirilika.



His skin is tan, his hair is navy blue, and he is a big, strong man. He is wearing an army suit, the inside of which is crimson and the outside of which is navy blue. His right hand is a golden gauntlet, and his left is a white glove.


He acts as the main villian throughout much of the story but when his true personality is revealed, he acts much like Pirilika.


Prior to the start of the story, he arrived in Hinomoto leading his Netherarmy on a path of conquest and striking against the waring nations. The warriors of Hinomoto, lead by Mugai Zesshosai battled valiantly against him, coming to a head in a confrontation between Mugai and his apprentice Sea Again against Demmodore. The leader of the Netherarmy came out of this confrontation victorious and, aided by the Edogawa Shogunate, unified the warring worlds of Hinomoto under a single Shogunate and his own absolute dictatorial rule.

Demmodore is referred to frequently by characters, often referring to him simply as "The Demmodore", with him finally appearing in person at the end of episode 6, depicting him with his Demonic Fist of the Founding Weapons, his literal Iron Fist. The party fights him at the end of episode 11 but loses. It is then revealed that his Infernal Treasure was a host for Swordmaster Mugai, who had possessed him. After Mugai was defeated for good, Opener tried leaving altogether, but was found by Pirilika and her party and after a battle, he joined up with them.


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  • The art rewarded to the player after beating the main story reveals that Demmodore is a Nekomata, which is where Pirilika gets her cat ears.
  • Before the final battle, if the player speaks to Pii-chan he will reveal that Demmodore's real name is Gat(full name Gatling confirmed by Pirilika in the postlude). and that she is his older brother.
  • Demmodore Opener is loosely based on Commodore Perry, hence the similar names/titles switching Commodore with 'demon' . Commodore Perry was a historical European figure whose visit to Japan ended its isolationist policy.