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Defying God is the 7th and final stage of Ties Deeper Than Darkness, and the final story stage of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.

If you beat the previous stage using only Valvatorez you'll instead get an alternate version of this stage.



Beating this stage will play the Normal Ending, followed by one of the Epilogues depending on the relationships set in the Legendary Tree (listed in order of priority):

  • Vulcanus Epilogue: Vulcanus set as Lover, or no other condition met.
  • Fenrich Epilogue: Fenrich set as Comrade.
  • Fuka Epilogue: Fuka set as Mentor.
  • Desco Epilogue: Desco set as Stepsibling.
  • Emizel Epilogue: Emizel set as Rival.