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Defend a Defender! is an extra stage in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. It is unlocked by a Senator Adell bill, which becomes available after using 3 Defender of Earth Cellphones.


Before the battle[]

Prinny Kurtis is fighting a robot copy of his human form made by the EDF, and Adell and Rozalin arrive just in time to help. Kurtis wanted to fight alone, but he's reminded of when he gained the soul of a true Defender of Earth thanks to an old friend. The robot promptly starts the fight while demanding this "soul" of his.

After the battle[]

The robot cannot comprehend how he lost despite the odds being overwhelmingly in its favor, and Kurtis explains that not giving up as long as there is a chance of victory is what makes a true Defender of Earth. The robot promises revenge and self-destructs, but Kurtis claims he must've first sent back combat data so the next robots will likely be stronger. Adell offers him to join the party but Kurtis says he prefers to work alone, gifting our heroes an Accelerator as he leaves.