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Dead Tree Field is the 4th and final non-tutorial map of The Overlord's Daughter, the 1st episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Before the battle[]

Some former star known as Axel is recording for a travel show, but his Director stops him to complain about his overacting. Our heroes stumble into them and Rozalin takes the opportunity to claim that this man is Zenon to have Adell fight him. Axel notices them and greets them, but he's met with just aggression from Adell.

After the battle[]

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Axel's unconscious body is dragged away by his Director, as Rozalin laments how weak he was and realizes Adell was stronger than she thought. Adell is happy for a moment until Rozalin points out that this isn't Zenon and she just didn't look closely enough. Afer arguing a bit, they just go back home to eat and rest.

News Broadcast[]

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Usagi reports that Axel has apparently been murdered in the world of Veldime, and reaffirms how little people care about him nowadays.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Kill a Green Skull(ally or enemy).

The Dark World version of this map contains a 4x2 geo panel pattern in the center of the map, completely covered in mages. The main property of this panel pattern is Reverse Damage, making this map a possible option for training Healers, but a nuisance for anyone else. The Dark Sun effect for this stage is that it will turn any humanoid unit on the map into a Dragon.