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Dead Metropolis is the 1st map of Summoned Overlord, the 9th episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Before the battle[]

The party arrives to Alche City, which used to be inhabited by alchemist but now lays mostly empty. They soon find some Prinnies, confirming Etna's presence, however upon seeing our heroes the escape in a panic for some reason.

After the battle[]

SPOILERS, click "Expand" to view

At Zenon's castle, the Masked Man and Woman conduct a ritual to revive Zenon by absorbing the conscience of humans, revealing the purpose of the curse. The Masked Woman however starts doubting their actions, presumably influenced by meeting Adell.

At Holt Village, Adell's Dad has just remembered something about his other parents. Sadly, the curse takes effect before he can tell, making him forget and making the pimple on his chest start talking.

Back in Alche City, the curse reaches our heroes and Taro and Hanako's demonic characteristics are enhanced. Yukimaru notices Adell's immunity to the curse and asks about it, however he doesn't have an explanation either.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Move to an elevation of 64dm(instant warp).