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Dead Breath is the 4th and final map of The Two Ninjas, the 10th episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Before the battle[]

Our heroes have finally cornered the Prinnies, and they call out to their big brother for help. He first appears as a light blue-colored Prinny but quickly reveals that this is a disguise and his true identity is that of Fubuki, Yukimaru's big brother. Tink starts panicking as he recognizes him as the one who turned him into a frog, and others conclude that he was the fake Yukimaru at the Coliseum. Adell asks why Fubuki's going after Rozalin, and Fubuki explains that it's to provoke Zenon to appear.

After the battle[]

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Fubuki does not back down, even as Yukimaru begs him to stop. However he's attacked by surprise by none other than Zenon, who has appeared just in time to protect Rozalin.

News Broadcast[]

SPOILERS, click "Expand" to view

Rather than reporting news, Axel starts talking about how he doesn't feel satisfied despite being more popular than ever, and reminisces about his adventures in Veldime.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Fill the Bonus Gauge to level 3 or more(instant warp).