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The Curry Shop and its NPC

The Curry Shop is a gameplay feature available in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. It's unlocked through the Curry Connoisseurs Squad, which itself is unlocked during Episode 5.

In this facility, the player may choose from various types of curry that grant temporary bonuses to all their units. Only one curry can be active at a time, as eating a second one will overwrite the effect of the first.

While there's a selection of pre-made curry with fixed effects, it's also possible to make custom curry with items from the inventory.

Basic Curry[]

This is the list of pre-made curry. The effect only lasts for a single battle, but they simply cost a small amount of HL and are infinitely available for purchase.

Effect Name Stats Boost Secondary Effects
Go Go Curry HP +4%, Hit/Spd +5%, SP/Atk/Def/Int/Res +3%, Crit Chance +3% Counter +1, Paralysis Immunity, Revenge Gauge Gain +10%
Katsu Curry HP/Hit/Spd +5%, Atk/Int +3%, Crit Chance +1% Sleep Immunity
Shrimp Curry SP +4%, Int/Res +5% Throw +1, Amnesia Immunity
Pork Curry HP/SP +2%, Atk/Int/Hit +3%, Crit Chance +4% -
Beef Curry HP +1%, Def/Res +4% Restore 3% HP every turn, Weaken Immunity
Chicken Curry SP +4%, Def/Res +3%, Spd +10% Move +1, Jump +10
Seafood Curry HP/SP/Hit/Spd +2%, Atk/Int +5%, Crit Chance +2% Counter +1, Restore 3% SP every turn
Sardine Curry - Move +2 (Unlocked by beating the Valvatorez Episode DLC)
Sweets Curry - Jump +10 (Unlocked by beating the Fuka Episode DLC)

Custom Curry[]

These curry are made by spending items from the inventory, and they grant a stat bonus equal to a percentage of each item's main stats and Critical hit chance. This bonus ignores any modifiers in the item(like Rarity or Innocents), and the resulting value per item is rounded down but to a minimum of 1. All custom curry are single-use, and once the effect is over a new one must be made if one wants to repeat the effect.

Ingredient Types[]

Curries are made of up to 4 different types of ingredients, each of different importance:

  • Main Ingredient: Grants 10% of the item's stats. Only obligatory ingredient. Most items also add a secondary effect if used as main ingredient.
  • Sub Ingredient 1: Grants 5% of the item's stats. Requires Curry Connoisseurs Squad at level 2.
  • Sub Ingredient 2: Grants 3% of the item's stats. Requires Curry Connoisseurs Squad at level 3.
  • Other Ingredients: Grants 1% of the item's stats. Up to 1000 items can be added in this category.


Once the curry is done it's possible to let it sit instead of consuming it immediately. While the default duration of a curry is 1 battle, every battle completed while a curry is left sitting increases its duration by 1 more battle, up to a maximum of 100.

Secondary Effects[]

List of secondary effects that can come with a curry, as well as the cheapest shop item that grants that effect.

Effect Name Description Item
EXP Gain Up Multiply EXP gained by 1.5 Parazonium (Sword)
Mana Gain Up Multiply Mana gained by 1.5 Death's Embrace (Physical Monster Weapon)
HL Gain Up Multiply HL gained by 1.5 Medal (Attack Item)
R Gauge Increase Rate Up Increase natural gains of Revenge Gauge by +10% Knight's Sabre (Sword)
R Gauge Increase Rate Down Decrease natural gains of Revenge Gauge by -5% Brass Knuckles (Fists)
HP Heal Restore 3% of max HP at the start of every turn Any HP-restoring item
SP Heal Restore 3% of max SP at the start of every turn Any SP-restoring item
HP/SP Heal Restore 3% of max HP and SP at the start of every turn Fairy Dust
Movement Up Move +1 Ninja Tabi (Shoes)
Jump Up Jump +10 Sky Hunter (Bow)
Attack Range Up Normal Attack Range +1 Bandit's Hand (Hand)
Throw Distance Up Throw +1 Throwing Knife (Attack Item)
Counters Up Counter +1 Assassin Dagger (Sword)
Fire RES Up Fire Resistance +50% Fire Scroll (Attack Item)
Ice RES Up Ice Resistance +50% Ice Scroll (Attack Item)
Wind RES Up Wind Resistance +50% Floral Spear (Spear)
Star RES Up Star Resistance +50% Lightning Scroll (Attack Item)
Fist RES Up Fist Resistance +10% Bull's Horn (Physical Monster Weapon)
Sword RES Up Sword Resistance +10% Chain Mail (Armor)
Spear RES Up Spear Resistance +10% Jamadhar (Fists)
Bow RES Up Bow Resistance +10% Round Shield (Armor)
Gun RES Up Gun Resistance +10% Camo-Clothes (Armor)
Axe RES Up Axe Resistance +10% Hammer Rod (Staff) or Hammer Head (Physical Monster Weapon)
Staff RES Up Staff Resistance +10% Singauta (Fists)
Monster WPN RES Up Monster Weapon Resistance +10% La Chauve-Souris (Spear)
Poison RES Up Immune to Poison Bat Staff (Staff)
Paralysis RES Up Immune to Paralysis Massager (Fists)
Silence RES Up Immune to Amnesia Nerd Glasses (Glasses)
Sleep RES Up Immune to Sleep Night Revolver (Gun)
Weaken RES Up Immune to Weaken Handaxe (Attack Item)
Charm RES Up Immune to Charm Unicorn Bow (Bow)
Atrophy RES Up Immune to Shrink Cross Spear (Spear)
Fire Element Non-elemental attacks become Fire element Butcher's Cleaver (Axe)
Ice Element Non-elemental attacks become Ice element Viking Axe (Axe)
Wind Element Non-elemental attacks become Wind element Windblade War Axe (Axe)
Star Element Non-elemental attacks become Star element Shooter's Edge (Gun)
Poison Units are inflicted with Poison for 3 turns when they leave the Base Panel Rotten Garbage (Attack Item)
Silence Units are inflicted with Amnesia for 3 turns when they leave the Base Panel Grasida (Spear)
Weaken Units are inflicted with Weaken for 3 turns when they leave the Base Panel Shadow Howler (Bow) or Pixie Staff (Staff)
Atrophy Units are inflicted with Shrink for 3 turns when they leave the Base Panel Moonshadow Spear (Spear) or Bugle M13 (Gun)