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An animation of a counter attack.

Countering is a gameplay feature where units can respond with a normal attack upon being hit with a normal attack, as long as their attacker is within range. From Disgaea 5 onward, units can counter when getting hit by skills as well.

As counter attacks themselves are a type of normal attack, they can also trigger counters, leading to back-and-forth hits between two units. Because of this, all characters have a Counter IconCounter stat determining the maximum amount of counter attacks they can perform per turn. Effects that remove the limit on counters actually just internally raise the character's Counter stat to 20(increasing remaining counters accordingly).

In games up to Disgaea 5, performing any normal attack or skill spends one remaining counter, so units with a Counter stat of 1 often can't counter attack anyway. Defending spends 2 remaining counters. In games up to Disgaea 4, units cannot counter while lifting.

In games up to Disgaea D2, counter chance is equal to 100% minus 10% per spent Counter. From Disgaea 5 onward, counter chance is equal to 50% plus 10% per remaining Counter.

Counter is not a stat that grows with the character, but there are a few ways to increase it: