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The Corrupternment is a group of political demons that govern the Netherworld and the main antagonists in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. They are lead by the Netherworld President, who can appoint demons of the Corrupterment with special titles.




Netherworld President Hugo[]

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Ten Overlords[]

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The Ten Overlords are ten demons of the Corrupterment who according to Emizel, perpetrated of all of evildoings in the Netherworld. They are compossed of a 5th tier Catsaber, Mystic Beast, Gargoyle, Eryngi, Cockatrice, Mothman, Wood Golem, Dragon Zombie, Rifle Demon, and Dragon. Their names are unknown for the same reason as the Yakshas.

Seven Yakshas[]

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The Seven Yakshas are seven demons of the Corrupterment who according to Emizel, have the power to return the Netherworld to nothingness in just seven days. They are composed of all six tiers of Masked Heroes and a tier 1 Prinny. Their names are unknown since Vulcanus asked Emizel not to introduce each member from now on due to the groups of demons getting larger.

Four Devas[]

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The Four Devas are four demons of the Corrupterment who guard the four gates of the Netherworld. According to Emizel, the four of them have caused countless humans to spend sleepless nights and are strong enough to destroy the entire Netherworld. They are compossed of Garatea of the East (a 5th tier Skull), Arsailles of the West (a 5th tier Succubus), Graceus of the South (a 5th tier Sorcerer), and Reprachon of the North (a 5th tier Ninja). The four of them state that the Three Brutes are nothing but sludges compared to them.

Three Brutes[]

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The Three Brutes are three demons of the Corrupterment who according to Emizel, punished more humans than any demon and are the symbols of fear in the Human World. They are composed of Psylos the Thunder (a 5th tier Onmyo Monk), The Atrocious Tromayer (a 5th tier Warrior), and Baltis of Despair (a 5th tier Heavy Knight). Out of the three of them, Psylos has made a few small appearances with President Hugo.