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Corridor of Love
D1area 05
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Japanese 接吻の廊下
Romaji Seppun no rōka
Location Vyers Castle
Episode Episode 1: Prince of the Netherworld
Enemies Lv. 2 Ghost
Lv. 3 Boggart x5
Lv. 4 Archer x2
Lv. 4 Red Mage
Lv. 4 Male Warrior
Bonus rank 2
Symbols Lv. 2 D1 Symbol Red 'Recovery 20%' x2 (story)
Lv. 2 D1 Symbol Red 'Damage 20%' x2 (revisit)
Panels Blue
prevmap Blessed Court
Nextmap Hall of Caresses

Corridor of Love is the 3rd map in Prince of the Netherworld, the 1st episode of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


There are two Ghosts flanking the Base Panel followed by a high HP Ghost below the stairs, two more guarding the stairs, two Archers next to them, and a Male Fighter and Red Mage over on the other side. The two by the Base panel require no strategy to defeat. The high-HP Ghost can actually be toppled by ranged attacks from a Bow or Gun without alerting it to your position. (Or an equally powerful close-up attack, though it may attack you.) The Archers will advance the moment even one character rushes down the stairs. Note that the Panels in that area contain a Recovery 40% effect, so make use of these Panels and try to have your long-range and low HP characters to stay within them. Due to the high number of attacks you'll be taking, the "Defend" command actually has great potential here. Anyway, once the Archers are defeated, the Ghosts will advance. Take them out with the same method you used for the Archers.

Once any character advances near the opposing stairs, the two Humanoids will advance. A Fire-resistant character is ideal, since the Mage and Fighter will typically attack in a Combo.

When playing this level again, the two Recovery 20% Geo Symbols become Damage 20% Geo Symbols, so do not attempt the original strategy of leaving weak characters in the pool. Instead, destroy a Geo Symbol to damage the high-HP Ghost before he runs towards your units, and be sure to bring a healer if the humanoid characters are too much a problem.