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Corpse Garden is the 3rd map of Rise of the Beauty Queen, the 3rd episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Before the battle[]

Just as Tink wonders why the monsters he expected haven't appeared, the party is attacked. He tells Rozalin to escape and leave Adell to die, but she doesn't want him to die in vain to some random monsters. Tink urges the princess to just accept his sacrifice, but she has taken sympathy to his honesty and determination. A monster then attacks Tink by surprise, provoking him into fighting anyway.

After the battle[]

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Rozalin is glad that these were young monsters instead of the rumored level-100 ones. It seems she now doesn't want to kill him, at least yet, and Tink worries that contact with the outside world is changing her.

At Zenon's castle, the Masked Man and Woman report to him that the palace near Holt was attacked, presumably by the Demon Lord that's after him.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Make a tower of 5 or more characters(instant warp).