Combo 2 in Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness

A combo of two hits in Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness.

For the special skills introduced in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, see Combo Skill.

Combos are large strings of attacks on the same enemies. Attacking the same enemy in sequence will create a "Combo" which will increase the damage of each successive attack. Multiple attacks must be queued to occur in a sequence and not separately for a Combo to occur. For example, selecting to attack an enemy once, then using the execute action will not create a combo, while queuing three attacks on the same enemy in sequence then using the execute action will create a combo. Attacking a different enemy or performing a different action to a different character during the sequence will end the combo.

The current amount of attacks in a combo is listed on screen as "Special Hit" or "Combo Count" depending on the game.

Combos allow characters to deal further damage to wanted targets. In addition, creating combos will allow the Bonus Gauge to fill up rapidly, and longer combos will increase it further, so creating long combos is recommended as bonuses of Hell and potentially useful weapons will be given as the Bonus Gauge is filled.

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