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D5 Combo Example

A Combo by 2 units with the same attack power in Disgaea 5.

For the special skills introduced in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, see Combo Skill.

Combos is a gameplay system that rewards the player for Executing multiple attacks at once, improving their effectiveness.

In games before Disgaea 5, a Combo happens if multiple Executed actions in a row target the same enemy, and it gets reset to zero by switching target, attacking multiple enemies or using a non-offensive action. From Disgaea 5 onward, all attacks to enemies that happen during an Execute round will count towards the same Combo, with non-offensive actions simply not counting towards the Combo length.

A Combo improves the effect of attacks that happen during it based on how long it has been going:

  • D1 to D4: Adds 10% to the Base Power of attacks per previous attack in the chain.
  • D5 and D7: Increases damage dealt by 10% per previous attack in the chain(multiplicative bonus).
  • D6 only: Increases attacking stat by 10% per previous attack in the chain.

From Disgaea 5 onward, Combos also increase the accuracy of attacks by +10% per previous attack in the chain.

Additionally, making Combos causes the Bonus Gauge to fill up, with longer Combos filling it by a larger amount.

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