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Column of Fire is the second map of Episode 7: Of Being an Overlord in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


Laharl is bored. Etna scolds him, saying he should be more like his father. She tells Flonne a story of how she was picked on when she first arrived in the castle. She was scared and the only thing that got her through it all, was her faithful pet. But her pet was killed by other demons. It was the King that reached our his hand to Etna. He helped her bury the pet and she pledged her loyalty to him then. Etna believes Laharl isn't fit to be the overlord as long as he isn't more like his father.

Enemy Information[]

Enemy Level/Number Equipped Items
Level 20 x7 -
D1 Undead 02
Level 23 x2 -
D1 Undead 03
Level 26 -
D1 Symbol Clear
Enemy Boost x3
Level 24