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The Coliseum is the fourth map of Final Episode: What Lies Beyond the Battle in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


Upon entering the stage, Laharl remarks something is not right. They've come all this way, and still they haven't seen the Seraph. This probably means that the Seraph is somehow involved, or at least knows what is happening and still refuses to meet Flonne. Flonne understands her companions' reasoning, but still she remains firm in her belief in her mentor. She needs to press forward, knowing fully well that severe punishment awaits her at the end of this journey. Still, she has no regrets.


The Red panels and 'No Entry' Geo Symbol create a maze-like structure on the map. For short-ranged melee attackers, this means a lot of walking before you can dish out some damage. Long ranged attacks and skills, and magic spells are not impacted by the geo effect, so you can still use these freely. However, the same goes for the enemies, of course.