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Clubs are a gameplay feature available in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. Units in the Classroom can be assigned to one of many Clubs that are unlocked throughout the game, each granting a different bonus. Additionally, Monsters can only perform Magichange with Humanoids in the same Club.

One unit of each Club can be assigned as its Leader, which comes with 2 additional effects:

  • The Leader gains a stats boost from the other members, working under the same principle as the boost from the Extra Gain system.
  • The Leader can use the Spells of members standing next to them in battle(at level 0 and boost 0). Unlike with Extra Gain, the Leader can't learn the spells.

List of Clubs[]

Meeting the unlock condition enables a bill in the Homeroom, and passing that bill unlocks the corresponding Club.

Name Unlock Members Description
Going Homers - 7 No effect.
Honor Students Create a unit at "Skilled" quality or higher 4 10% of the kill EXP earned by adjacent classmates is also earned by you.
Robber Shop Initial bill 5 50% of the kill Mana earned by adjacent classmates is also earned by you.
True Robber Store Clear the House of Ordeals 3 All the Mana earned by adjacent classmates is gained by you instead.
Corner Res. Group Initial Bill 4 Units in the corners of the Classroom earn 25% more EXP.
The Punk Org. Clear Episode 4 4 Units in the back row of the Classroom earn 50% more HL.
Election Committee Pass bills 3 times 4 Members can appear to vote during bill proposals.
Student Council Beat Stage 3-3 4 Enables the Class World.
Gods of Cookery Reach Customer Rank 7 7 Double the effect of consumable items.
Nursing Club Revive 5 units total at the Hospital 4 Hospital rewards can be Legendary items. Decrease heal/revive fee by 10% per member.
Hall Monitors Steal an item 6 Can steal items(once per member) from Reps during bill proposals.
GlassesGirlLovers Reach Customer Rank 4 4 Adds Glasses to the shop's inventory.
Justice Legion NW Reach Customer Rank 5 4 Adds Belts to the shop's inventory.
Shoe Artisans Reach Customer Rank 6 4 Adds Shoes to the shop's inventory.
School Board Clear Episode 3 4 Can appoint a Teacher to the Classroom, granting different stat growth bonuses.
Wednesday Team Enter the Innocent Town 6 Increase chance of entering the Innocent Town by 10% per member.
Birdmen Watchers Enter the "Corsica's Tower" Mystery Room 4 Increases jump height while out of battle.
Lift Inspectors Initial Bill 4 Members gain the Dual Throw effect: If you're the base of a Tower, the Throw command can be used by any unit in the tower(except the top) instead of only the base.
Music Club Enter the "Music Room" Mystery Room 5 Enables the Music Shop at the base.
Comrade! Club Recruit Prism Red 1 The Leader gains 10% of the stats of adjacent classmates that die in battle.
PPP Defeat a Pirate Crew 4 Enables Reverse Pirating. Increases chance of finding Pirates.
Tora no Ana Get an Illegal Ticket 4 Enables the X-Dimension. Increases chance of finding the Mystery Room that sells Illegal Tickets.
Magintology Use the Magichange command 6 Magichange lasts 1 more turn, and the weapon inherits 5% more of the Monster's stats.
Shura Support Club Defeat Baal while in Land of Carnage 2 Decreases duration of Magichange to 1 turn, but the weapon inherits part of the original weapon's stats.