The Classroom Assembly is a gameplay feature in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. It plays the same role as the Dark Assembly in previous Disgaea games.


The Classroom Assembly allows the player to rearrange characters in the classroom, pass bills, view and manage characters and items and access the settings of the game. In this aspect, it has more functions than the Dark Assembly of the original Disgaea.

List of BillsEdit

Bill Name Mana Cost Effect
More Expensive Stuff10 Increases Product Rank. Cost increases with Product Rank.
Cheaper Stuff 10 Decreases Product Rank. Cost increases with Product Rank.
Stronger Enemies 100 Increases enemy levels. Cost increases by enemy rank.
Appoint Robber Shop20Gain 50% of Mana gained by students seated nearby.
Appoint Lift Inspectors30Allows use of Dual Throw
Corner Res. Group50Gain 25% more EXP when seated in a corner.
Go on a School Excursion50Triple EXP is granted for the first enemy you defeat in a map. Once only, must pass bill again to repeat effect.
Go on a Field Trip 50Bonus Gauge filled to the max from the start only on the first map you enter
Prinny Day 50Only prinnies allowed on the next map with a catch- How to unlock: episode 2, after returning to main map from heart world
Embezzle Club Funds 10Round up HL from club members
Get a Big Classroom 200Increases classroom size
Appoint Magintology 500Increased magichange usage turns and weapons effects - must use magichange one time to unlock bill
Appoint Justice Legion NW 500Add belts to shop inventory- How to unlock: Obtain Customer Rank 4
Appoint Appoint GlassesGirlLovers 500Add glasses to shop inventory- How to unlock: Obtain Customer Rank 5, then complete one story line map'
Appoint Appoint Student Council 50Unlocks Academy World- How to unlock: clear Battle 3-3
Appoint Make Female Gunner 150Allows the creation of a female gunner
Appoint Make Male Archer 150Allows the creation of a male archer
Appoint Make Armor Knight 150Allows the creation of an armor knight
Appoint Shoe Artisans 700Add shoes to shop inventory- How to unlock:Obtain Customer Rank 6, then complete one story line map
Appoint Wednesday Team 700Improved chance of Innocent Towns in Item Worlds- How to unlock: go through 10 floors of any item world and pass any bill by force
Appoint Election Committee 600Sends an affiliate member into homeroom as a rep- How to unlock: clear a Academy World map
Appoint Gods of Cookery 600Usable items double their effectiveness- How to unlock: use an item in combat
Appoint Nursing Club 600Chance to gain legendary items in hospital prize pool- How to unlock: claiming an hospital prize.
Appoint School Board 200Select an HR teacher to obtain their effect- How to unlock: finish Episode 3
Appoint The Punk Org. 100Gain 50% more HL when seated in the very back- How to unlock: finish Episode 4
Appoint Honor Students 100Gain 10% of XP of nearby students
Meet Master Big Star 1000Allows you to battle Mr. Big Star (extra battle map 1)- How to unlock: be in post-game and talk to Saya
Let's Break a Good Sweat 2000Allows you to battle Bo Tie- How to unlock: be in post-game, talk to Saya, and clear Extra Map 1
Meet Salvatore the Magnificent 2000Allows you to battle Salvatore (extra battle map 2)- How to unlock: be in post-game, talk to Machiko, and clear Extra Map 1
Go play in Monster Kingdom 4000Allows you to fight Goro- How to unlock: be in post-game, talked to Machiko, Mao having at least 4000 mana
Unlock Hall of Ordeals 7000Unlocks Hall of Ordeals- How to unlock: clear episode 7 and have 7000 mana on a character.
Birdmen Watchers 400Enter the Cat God room for the first time in Item World
Music Shop 700

Find Music Shop in Item World Mystery Room

Get Back Missing A 99999Changes Master Bigster's name back to Master Big Star.
Make Marona polite again99999As it says, makes Marona polite again.

Listed by order of power:

  • Orc (Preferred Item: Snack)
  • Alurane (Preferred Item: Armor)
  • Succubus (Preferred Item: Belt) - they have major weakness to sweets from bribery shops.
  • Eringya (Preferred Item: Monster Weapon)
  • Fire Demon (Preferred Item: Muscle)
  • Baciel (Preferred Item: Emblem)
  • Shinigami (Preferred Item: Orb)
  • Caitsith (Preferred Item: Shoe)
  • Voidslug (Preferred Item: Glasses)

Detention Rooms and Expanding ClassroomEdit

Bills can be passed to expand the size of the classroom, thus allowing more units to be created. When the classroom is at it's largest, you can get a detention (possibly through a bill). Each time the classroom is expanding others appear in the room that are not your allies. Try to make these run-away by placing certain units next to them as they take up space, plus, you'll receive an item.

The detention room can only hold 64 units at one time. Using the detention you can have more space in the classroom without deleting a unit. Just select 'Punish Them' on the Homeroom and a list will be shown to allow to choose who you wish to place in there. This is a very handy function.

Note: DLC Main Characters may NOT be placed in the detention room, only created units. This was changed in Absence of Detention where DLC main characters may be placed in the detention room.