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The Classroom is a gameplay feature in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. While inside of it, the player can organize Clubs and their members, appoint overseeing Teachers, and access the Homeroom.


The Classroom consists of a grid-based map with each unit occupying their own space(represented by a seat in a classroom). The default size is a 4x4 grid, but it can be expanded by use of the Homeroom.

Units can be talked to, with each character/class having their own unique phrases. The player can freely reposition their characters, and adjacent ones get increased Team Attack chance. Additionally, the effect of certain Clubs and Teachers might only apply to units seated in specific spots.

There's an option in the Homeroom to send units to a special area called the Discipline Room. While a unit is in there they are not part of the player's party(preventing their use in combat) but they also don't appear in the Classroom, which helps to keep it decluttered.