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In the Disgaea series, every individual unit has a class they're a part of. Their class determines their appearance, statistics, skills and Evilities.

Humanoid vs. Monster[]

Every class is classified as either Humanoid or Monster, each with its own unique characteristics. Below is an overview of overall differences throughout the series, with further details found in their respective pages.

Feature Humanoid Monster
Weapons 7 weapon types, with varying characteristics and bonuses. 2 weapon types, with no additional effects.
Skills Learns Weapon Skills, but very few classes learn Unique Skills.
Since D3:AoD, they all learn at least 2 Unique Skills.
Learns 4 Unique Skills, but no Weapon Skills.
(From D3 to D5) Also gets Magichange Skills.
Commands Can use Lift and Throw. Can't Lift/Throw, but can Receive and Mon-Toss. (From D3 to D5) Can use Magichange.
Unlock Generics are unlocked by raising other Humanoid classes or Weapon Masteries. Generics are unlocked by defeating that class in battle.

Unique vs. Generic[]

Classes are also split based on the type of character they belong to:

  • Unique: Classes corresponding to actual characters found throughout the story, so there can't multiple copies of the same Unique class. They learn 3 Unique Skills, regardless of being Humanoid or Monster.
  • Generic: Classes from generic units available in Character Creation, so you can have as many of each class as you want. Every Generic class comes in 6 tiers, each slightly stronger than the previous one, unlocked as you raise units of each class. In games up to Disgaea 4, to use a higher tier once unlocked you need to make/capture a new character or reincarnate one you already have. Disgaea D2 adds methods to promote characters to a higher tier:
    • In Disgaea D2 and rereleases of 4, there's a Dark Assembly bill that promotes a character to their next tier.
    • From Disgaea 5 onward, a character's tier goes up automatically by improving their own class' Class Proficiency.

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