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Chronicles of Etnarnia is the 3rd episode of Etna Mode, a bonus campaign in Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Etna has a serious craving for some spicy volcano soup. Unfortunately, they're missing a key ingredient, vulcano meat, which can only be found at the Sea of Gehenna. And so they set out to find some. The Sea of Gehenna is burning hot and Etna complains about it. The prinnies just want to go back, not interested in risking their lives for some soup. Etna lets slip they aren't really here for the ingredients. Apparently, she has a secret ulterior motive. She's looking for something that's hidden there.

During the search, they are halted by a poorly disguised Flonne, who has come to confront Etna about her foul deeds. Etna dismisses her, saying she's pretty busy right now. However, she does offer Flonne the company of one of her prinnies, so they can play Space Detective. Flonne is tempted for a second, but quickly decides to teach Etna what it means to be a true Space Detective. And so they battle. After the fight, Flonne retreats, but she makes it clear they will meet, and battle, again. Their next battle ends pretty much the same way, with Flonne retreating. Etna goes back to her search, and Flonne desperately tries to find a way to prevent Etna throwing the worlds into chaos. Vulcanus, still posing as God, gives her a magic tome, claiming no demon, not even Etna, will be able to rival her power now.

Etna has finally found what she had been looking for. However, Flonne intercepts her again. They start an argument and suddenly, Flonne is starting to feel unwell. A dark auro engulfs her, and she transforms into 'Dark Flonne'. After battling, Flonne returns to her normal self again, and Etna can finally retrieve her lost memories. However, this time, Maderas intervenes. Maderas reveals he knows that Etna killed Laharl, and therefore he has no use for her anymore. Etna has a few flashbacks, from her lost memories. As Maderas is about to destroy her memories, another demon crashes the party. Vyers enters, claiming that, as the Dark Adonis, he will take care of this.