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Childhood Memories is the first map in Ch.2: Mao's Heart in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice.


After Geoffrey explains a few more things about Geo Blocks, a Prinny informs Mao that the Heart Bank is finally open. Upon entering the heart, the player is in an alternate central area. Speaking to the various residents gives interesting information.

Almaz picks something up off the floor - a blood donor card - and Mao starts to chew him out, but is snapped into a memory.

In the memory, Mao and Beryl are talking; Beryl is trying to drag him into doing a good deed, specifically, donating blood.

Back in the present, Beryl approaches the two; Mao wants to know how she could possibly be here. Beryl and her two friends ask for Mao to return the hero; Mao says sure, after he finds the 'fake hero title'. Beryl won't take no for an answer, and the fight ensues.


Beryl-tachi are no pushovers. Being underleveled will be painful. Taking some time to create more characters, outfit them a bit (run Strongest Garden a few times), and have them at least 8 will save you a lot of pain.

Blowing up the red Blocks is perhaps a bad idea.


Beryl apologizes to Almaz for failing to rescue him; and when an alarm goes off, Beryl and her friends have to rush home in order to beat their own self-imposed curfew. Almaz accidentally tells Mao about his plan to defeat the Overlord and save the Princess; according to the rumor (that the Princess herself told some people), the Overlord is trying to kidnap the Princess. Mao laughs at this plan, and asks if the Princess even knows Almaz is in the Netherworld.

Almaz admits that no, she does not.

Mao is shocked, but wonders if this is "love" in action. He resolves to keep Almaz, even after finding the title, for further study.