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The first page of options when using the Cheat Shop

The Cheat Shop is a gameplay mechanic introduced in Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness. It allows the player to modify multiple attributes of the game, such as EXP gain, enemy level, and Item World stages. It also provides instant access to the ability to change enemy strength without having to pass a bill to increase or decrease the enemy strength as in prior games.


Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness[]

The player can use the Cheat Shop by going into the Castle's Garden and by locating a Male Healer in one of garden's corners. They can turn the camera angle to see the Cheat Shop NPC, as he is not visible at the default angle.

The player can modify many aspects of the game, but some features of the Cheat Shop will not be available without fulfilling certain requirements. To modify values such as EXP, HL, Mana, Weapon and Skill EXP gain, the player can use Cheat Points (CP) to increase any value, depending on how much CP the player has. More CP can be used towards other values if the player lowers one value in order to increase another. The player will gain more CP as they progress through the main story and by defeating Post Game bosses, ending with Pringer Z. The maximum amount of CP the player can have is 1000. Other attributes, such as Enemy Level, LoC Mode and Rasetsu Mode, can be changed without CP, but the player must meet certain requirements to unlock these options in the Cheat Shop.

Page 1: Obtain Rate
Option Effect Value Range How to Unlock
EXP Adjusts amount of EXP 0 to 1000% Unlocked initially
Mana Adjusts amount of Mana 0 to 1000% Unlocked initially
HL Adjusts amount of HL 0 to 1000% Unlocked initially
Weapon Mastery Adjusts amount of Weapon Mastery 0 to 1000% Unlocked initially
Special Skill EXP Adjusts amount of Special Skill EXP 0 to 1000% Unlocked initially
Page 2: Battle Dialogue
Option Effect Value Range How to Unlock
Enemy Strength Increases enemy levels, depending on level set(effect identical to Stronger Enemies Bill). Per every extra Enemy Level, enemy levels increase by 20% and an additional 2 levels are added.

Lv.0 to Lv.20(Normal)

Lv.100 to 2100(LoC)

Unlocked initially
LoC Mode All enemies are given the Land of Carnage stat and level multiplier. In addtional, Rank 34 to 40 items can be obtained when LoC Mode is on. Normal to LoC Clear the main story
Rasetsu Mode Enemy stats increase greatly, stat caps are increased, item level cap increased to Lv.999, unlocks Baal fight automatically. None to Rasetsu Mode Defeat Darkdeath Evilman
Support Attack Enables/Disables Support attacks On/Off Clear 1-3
Protect Enables/Disables Protect actions On/Off Clear 1-3
Battle Dialogue Enables/Disables Battle Dialogue On/Off Start a New Cycle after reaching Post Game
Page 3: Item World
Option Effect Value Range How to Unlock
Search Route Changes Item Route . Item/Innocent Return from the Item World to the Base for the first time.
Geo Count Sets amount of Geo Panels in Item World. None/Normal/Many Clear Floor 30 of any Item World.
Adjust Island Sets size of Item World stages. Cramped/Normal/Expand Clear Floor 60 of any Item World.
Pirates & Treasure Sets Pirate and Treasure appearance rate in Item World. None/Normal/High Clear Floor 100 of any Item.
Page 4: Prinny
Option Effect Value Range How to Unlock
Prinny Day Every Day All stages will have the effect of the Prinny Day bill until cheat is disabled. Off/On Clear Prinny Land 3 for the first time.
Explosion Range Doubles Explosion Radius of Prinnies and Bombs Off/On Clear Prinny Land X for the first time.
Everyone is a Bomb Turns all characters into Bombs, when thrown, any unit will explode. Bosses are excluded. Off/On Clear LoC Prinny Land X for the first time.
Page 5: Fun
Option Effect Value Range How to Unlock
Auto-Heal at Base All characters automatically heal at the end of every battle. No HL is used to restore the characters to full health. On/Off Clear the Main Story
EXP 0 All characters receive zero EXP. On/Off Unlocked by Default
Weapon Mastery 0 All characters receive zero Weapon EXP On/Off Unlocked by Default
Special Skill 0 All characters receive zero Skill EXP On/Off Unlocked by Default
No Cancel All commands already selected cannot be cancelled. On/Off Unlocked by Default

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited[]

This is a mechanic introduced to the Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited port and reappears in Disgaea 4 Complete+. It is not available in the original PlayStation 3 game Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. It can be found in Hades after passing the "I want to cheat" bill.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengance[]

It is found in Seraphina's Pocket Netherworld. It is not availble until the Dark Assembly is unlocked in Episode 3.

Disgaea 1 Complete[]

The Cheat Shop is included in, and exclusive to, the Android and iOS releases of Disgaea 1 Complete. It can be unlocked by passing the "I Want to Cheat" bill in the Dark Assembly for 300 Mana.

Disgaea 6[]

The Cheat Shop is included in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny.