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In the various Disgaea games and other Nippon Ichi games, many characters have songs that are associated with them and often play when they show up in the game.

Characters with Theme Songs[]

  • Laharl: "Lord Laharl's Hymn"
  • Etna: "Etna Boogie" and "Etna Rock"
  • Flonne: "You Go Girl"
  • Vyers: "Beauty Baron", "Beautiful Round Dance" and "Ah My Magnificent Life"
  • Captain Gordon: "The Anthem Of Braves"
  • Kurtis: "Battle Comrade"
  • Adell: "Sinful Rose"
  • Rozalin: "Rozalin"
  • Axel: "White Tiger", "Let's Dance at the Final Battle" and "Pandora Ignition"
  • Yukimaru: "Shinobi Dance"
  • Fubuki: "1st Samurai"
  • Overlord Zenon: "Demon Thrill"
  • True Zenon: "Disgaea Rhapsody"
  • Mao: "Go Mao!"
  • Raspberyl: "Love Combination"
  • Mr. Champloo: "Mr. Champloo" and "Chinese Sword"
  • Almaz: "Unlucky Hero"
  • Marjoly: "Great Wilder"
  • Priere: "Great Wilder" and "A Martyr's March"
  • Marona: "Strange Wind"
  • Zetta: "Darkness, Darkness"
  • Alexander: "Alexander, The God of Destruction"
  • Valvoga: "The Devil's Descent"
  • Gig: "Desperado" and "Rock'n Rocks"
  • Prinny: "Prinny My Love"
  • Hero Prinny: "Modern Girl" and "Modern Girl 2010".
  • Z.H.P Main Character: "The Great Moment"
  • Pirohiko Ichimonji: "Unlosing Ranger's Theme" (and its variants).
  • Etranger Hanakikyou: "Etranger"
  • Asagi: "Asagi Metamorphosis", "Asagi My Love", "Rock Metamorphosis" and "Asagi GO fight"
  • Valvatorez: "Arcadian Vampire" and "Naked Requeim"
  • Fuka: "You Go Girl: Heroic Saga"
  • Darkdeath Evilman: "Last Battle"
  • Pringer X: "Black Screamer"
  • Baal: "Great Wilder" and "Great Wilder (Makai Kingdom Version)"
  • Nisa: "N I S"