The Chara World is a feature reintroduced in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. It has underwent a major revamp from Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, turning the entire feature into a board game rather than just being nearly identical to Item World, while most of its rewards remained the same. It is opened at the beginning of Episode 6. Unlike its previous incarnation, there is no limit to how many times a character can enter Chara World per reincarnation. Mana must be paid by the character the player wants to train in Chara World. The Mana costs increases with each visit, capping out at 100,000. Like in Disgaea 4, one of the primary reasons to go to Chara World is to permanently increase Aptitude, but it also offers a wide variety of other bonuses.

Difficulty Edit

There are four kinds of difficulty, each of which can only be obtained via clearing its corresponding Quest with the exception of the first.

Difficulty Rank Unlock Requirements Board Size Resident Level Starting available Moves Shadow Character Present?
Demon Unlock Chara World Small 24 20 No
Demon Lord Complete the "Demon Lord Task" quest, available after unlocking and completing Chara World at least once. Medium 100 (120 in D5: Complete) 30 Yes
Overlord Large 2000 40 Yes
Super Overlord Extra Large 7999 50 Yes

Panels Edit

These Panels affects the character and gameplay, either positively or negatively.

Panel Type Events Effects
Blue Question Mark Maid's Gift A random item is recieved, mostly items useable in Chara World or scrolls.
Fairy Receives random amount of Mana for the current character.
Wandering Dark Knight Kills off one or two random monsters.
Alarune's Comfort Restores some lost HP.
Monk's Omninous Teaching Receives a random Evility.
Master Prinny's Martial Art Dojo Sells one ultimate skill scroll of the player's choice. Only appears on Super Overlord difficulty.
Archer's Gift A treasure box spawns on an adjacent panel, mostly in front.
Receive a random sum of HL from her.
Mothman Taxi A Winged Warrior offers the character a ride, letting the player move up to six spaces and land at the panel of their choice. Effect still plays at the panel the character lands on.
Working Construction Fighter

Changes the panels around.

Blue Stat Up Master Prinny's Martial Art Dojo Raise Random Stat.
Mysterious Warrior's Training Raise HP.
Mysterious Mage's Training Raise SP.
Mysterious Samurai's Training Raise ATK.
Mysterious Armor Knight's Training Raise DEF.
Mysterious Skull's Training Raise INT.
Mysterious Priest's Training Raise RES.
Mysterious Gunner's Training Raise HIT.
Mysterious Ninja's Training Raise SPD.
Blue Duration Up Sage's Repent Increases remaining Moves.
Red Question Mark Professor's Forced Concotion Lowers Aptitude.
Thief Loses random amount of HL.
Taunting Succubus Loses random amount of Mana from the current character.
Chimera's Curse Movement becomes 1 for 2 turns.
Red Duration Down Shroom's Spore Decreases remaining Moves.
Green Question Mark Nine-Tail Either receive Good Fortune or Misfortune Effect, immediately playing the Events in Red or Blue Question Mark Panel depending on the effect.
Aiding Monster HP Recover 50%
Hot Spring Raises all Aptitudes by 2%.
Sea Angel's cheer Receive another roll in the same turn
White Question Marks Anything in any Bonus Panel Event. Any of the following events can happen.
Green Dice Shop Wandering Kitty Cat Shop Sells Various items for use in Chara World.
Danger Bear's Attack HP Loses 10%.
Warp Wrestling Fighter Teleports character to a random panel.
Pirate Ship If allowed, ships character off to a random nearby panel at the end of the map.

Items Edit

Item Name Effects

Forward By One

Your next reel number will be 1.
Forward By Two Your next reel number will be 2.
Forward By Three Your next reel number will be 3.
Forward By Four Your next reel number will be 4.
Forward By Five Your next reel number will be 5.
Forward By Six Your next reel number will be 6.
Forward By Lots Your next reel number will be 12.
Forward By Tons Your next reel number will be 20.
Taxi Ticket Summons a Mothman Taxi to move the player up to 6 spaces and land at a panel of their choice. The effect still plays at the panel landed upon.
Limo Ticket Sumons a high class Mothman Taxi to move the player up to 12 spaces and land at a panel of their choice. The effect still plays at te panel landed upon.
Bumper Soul Warps an enemy or obsticle (Box/Barrel) within 3 panels away to another random location.
Rift Generator Warps you to a random panel on the map and then activates the panel effect. Upon use, it counts as a turn.
Switcher Ring Switches places with an enemy or obsticle (Box/Barrel) within 10 spaces away.
Action Booster Gain 3 action slots, allowing for three reels for movement upon use.
Grid Paper Gain 1 extra battle slot, allowing for two reels for the next battle upon use.
12- Sided Die Gain 2 extra battle slots, allowing for three reels for the next battle upon use.
Quick Draw Gain 3 extra battle slots, allowing for four reels for the next battle upon use.
Victor's Ego Gain 4 extra battle slots, allowing for five reels for the next battle upon use.
Devil's Spirit Gain 5 extra battle slots, allowing for six reels for the next battle upon use.
4D Printer Gain 10 extra battle slots, allowing for eleven reels for the next battle upon use.
Dodging Advice Evade 1 attack during a battle with an enemy.
Strategy Textbook Evade 2 attacks during a battle with an enemy.
Cracked Hourglass Gain 1 extra turn.
Grandpa's Clock Gain 2 extra turns.
Mature Hourglass Gain 5 extra turns.
Construction Order Randomize all panels except the Start/Goal on the map with a different effect, including blank panels.
Ghost Cat's Bell Summons the Chara World Kitty Cat Shop to your current location. Does not use a turn.

Rewards Edit

Upon reaching the "GOAL" at the end of a character's world before running out of turns, the player is warped to a special room and asked to pick one of several rewards from copies of the character along with a fish. If the player talks to the dark clone of their character and chooses, "Get Nothing", they can choose to leave Chara World without selecting a reward.

Reward Name Effects

Create an Evility Secret Scroll

Creates an Evility Secret Scroll of the player's choice that the current character owns, with some restrictions. Unique Evilities cannot be selected.
Enhance Equipment Aptitude Increases the equipment aptitude of a player's choice by 2/3/4/5% depending on the difficulty, with 2% being "Demon Difficulty Rank" and so on.
Enhance Weapon Mastery Enhances the weapon mastery of one weapon/armor of the player's choice by one rank.
Create a Skill Secret Scroll Creates a Special Skill Scroll of the player's choice that the current character owns, with some restrictions. Cannot copy a skill unique to a specific class.
Learn a New Evility Learn a new Evility of the player's choice, from a small list of randomly selected Evilities.
Enhance Movement Increases maximum movement of the character by 1 (2 max).
Enhance Jumping Power Increases maximum jumping power of the character by 5.
Enhance Throw Range Increases maximum throwing range and height by 1.
Enhance Counter Attack Increases maximum number of counters by 1. (2 max)
Enhance Critical Rate Increases maximum critical hit rate by 5. (30 max)
Increase Evility Slots Increases the maximum number of Common Evility slots by 1. (5 max)

Exclusive NPC Edit

Shadow Characters Edit

From Demon Lord Difficulty onwards, a dark-colored variant of the character inside the Chara World will spawn often at least once, and more depending on the chosen difficulty. Their stats are usually higher than the chosen character's, making dice that increases Action Slots an ideal method of dispatching it quickly. They can respawn through one of the Chara World events. If the player seeks to max out Aptitudes, defeating the Shadow Characters is a top priority, as per every Shadow Character defeated, the player character gains 1% in every Aptitude.

Miss Evil Edit

Only on Super Overlord Difficulty, a powerful enemy known as Miss Evil can be randomly encountered. Alternatively, the player can pass a bill called "Challenge an Evil Person!" to have her spawn on the panel. The player must have encountered and defeated her beforehand in the Chara World before the bill unlocks. Miss Evil is stronger than the normal Chara World residents, though she does not scale to the player character's stats like their shadows do. Every panel she moves on nullifies the bonuses and penalty of it, replacing with a grey panel that does nothing. Defeating Miss Evil rewards a Common Evility Slot, as well as a Dowsing Rod item to summon the hot springs event at any time. The maximum amount of Common Evility slots a character can obtain by defeating Miss Evil is 3.