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A standard Chara World floor

The Chara World is a gameplay feature in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. It's unlocked by having a character reach 100 stored levels through Reincarnation, then passing the associated bill.

The Chara World consists of a random dungeon, much like the Item World, but instead of entering items you enter a unit's body in order to enhance them in various ways.

How it Works[]

Chara World is accessed by talking to the corresponding NPC in the main hub, then choosing a host unit and wanted upgrade. The Class World itself is a series of randomly generated stages, which each visit consisting of 10 floors. Note that the level of enemies depends on the level of the unit entered (i.e. a level 100 unit would generate a Chara World with level 100 enemies or higher).

Access Limit[]

There is a limit to how many times a unit's Chara World can be entered, depending on the quality chosen upon creation/Reincarnation(these values are doubled in rereleases):

  • Good-for-nothing or Incompetent: 1
  • Average or Skilled: 2 times
  • Distinguished or Genius: 3 times

Reincarnating resets the unit's visit amount, thus allowing for as many visits as you want.

Special Objects[]

While the stages are randomized, the layouts are simpler than in the Item World, and there's various additional objects that don't appear in it:

  • Destructible floor: Each stage is made of various layers of destructible floor(except for the bottom layer). Dealing damage on a panel will destroy a layer of floor in that panel, causing units on it to fall and enemies to take Geo Fall damage. A full layer of floor will be automatically destroyed at the end of each turn.
  • Prism Geo Block: Breaking this block will cause one full layer of floor to be destroyed.
  • Null Geo Block: Breaking this block will cause all layers of floor to be destroyed.
  • Aptitude Sphere: Might appear after destroying floor. Break this block to gain additional Aptitude points at the end.
  • Evility Sphere: Might appear after destroying floor. Break this block to gain a random Evility(see list here).
  • Heart Conservative: Might appear after destroying floor. A clone of the host unit. Defeat one to gain additional Aptitude points at the end.
  • Chara World Boss: A stronger enemy that awaits on top of the exit Gate in floor 10. There's 3 types, depending on the host's quality: Councelor(Good-for-nothing or Incompetent), Secretary(Average or Skilled) and President(Distinguished or Genius).



Finishing a run will grant bonus points to the host's Aptitudes, depending on their level. Note that each individual bonus point gained will be assigned to a random stat. Aptitudes have a cap of 300%, and if a bonus point is assigned to a maxed out Aptitude that point will simply be lost.

Level 1-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70-79 80+
Bonus +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8

Other Aptitude bonuses:

  • Destroy Aptitude Sphere: +1
  • Destroy Evility Sphere: +1
  • Kill Heart Conservative: +1
  • Kill Boss: +2(Counselor), +3(Secretary or President)

Chosen Upgrade[]

At the start of each run the player has to choose a permanent bonus to be applied to the host. In floor 9 there will be a gate to a Mystery Room containing an NPC from which you can buy the upgrade(just once per visit). Each time you destroy all Geo Blocks in a floor the cost of buying the upgrade is reduced by 5%.

Name Effect Limit Mana Cost
Movement Increase Move by 1. 2 1st: 5.000
2nd: 50.000
Jumping Power Increase Jump by 1. 25 2.000 initially, 2.000 more per upgrade
Counter Hits Increase Counter by 1. 2 1st: 5.000
2nd: 50.000
Throwing Range Increase Throw by 1. 2 1st: 5.000
2nd: 50.000
Critical Rate Increase Critical rate by 1%. 25 2.000 initially, 2.000 more per upgrade
Skill Inheritance Learn a Weapon Skill or Spell from an Evil Area ally. - 10x the Skill's cost
Evility Inheritance Learn an Evility from an Evil Area ally. - 10x the Evility's cost

Optional Upgrade[]

Once per run, destroying all Geo Blocks in floor 10(or any floor in rereleases) will spawn a special Mystery Gate that takes you to one of two rooms where you can buy an additional upgrade.

Name Effect Mana Cost
Evil Area Developer Increase the member tiles in one of the unit's Evil Symbols by 1. 1st: 5.000
2nd: 50.000
3rd: 500.000
4th: 5.000.000
5th: 9.999.999
Legendary Skills An NPC that sells either Tier 7 or Tier 8 Weapon Skills. Tier 7: 2.400
Tier 8: 4.800