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Central City is the first map in the Human World series, in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


Upon entering the Human World for the first time, Laharl comments that it is a dirty, stagnant place. They aren't there for sightseeing, though. What they're really here for, is to pay a visit to General Carter.

However, General Carter will only be fought on the third map of this area.


The difficulty in this map lies in the number of enemies and them all being gun users. The base panel is also a good distance (10 spaces) away from the closest enemy. This means a lot of enemies can hit you from long range without you being able to land a blow. Equipping shoes on your melee characters and the use of throwing can help cover the distance more quickly. Or, you can use long range yourself. Use magic or area of effect skills like winged slayer (sword), Big Bang (Fist) or any other you have to lower their numbers quickly.


On some ports, such as on the PSP, the base panel on this map cannot be reentered by any character that has left it (other than to cancel a deploy before action is taken), even after a new turn. Characters also cannot be thrown into it.