Cell Phones are items in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days, and Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. They are special items that can be used in various situations. In Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, the Cell Phones are replaced with PA Microphones.

Summoning PhonesEdit

These phones summon characters to aid in a fight. The character who comes to the player's rescue depends on the phone being used. The summoned's character's level is close to the level of the character that uses the phone.

  • Prism Phone: Found in Disgaea 2, Summons a Prism Ranger to aid you.
  • Defender Phone: Found in Disgaea 2, Summons Kurtis to aid you. Also changes battle music to Battle Comrade.
  • Dark hero Phone: Found in Disgaea 2, Summons Axel to aid you. Also changes battle music to White Tiger.
  • PA Microphone: Found in Disgaea 3 to summon your Homeroom teacher to aid you in battle
  • Red Phone: Found in Disgaea 4 to summon aid in battle
    • If the network is connected and enabled in settings you will call a foreign defence minister form another players cabinet
    • if not connected to the network you will summon a senator from the game's Senate itself

Assembly PhonesEdit

These phones allow to call up members of a certain Dark Assembly party. By doing so you can tell them a lie about what bill you are going to need passed. The lie is different for each party and is geared towards their personal interests. This will fool that party into wanting to pass your next bill and increase their level of agreement. The party the phone calls is stated in the description.

Random PhonesEdit

There are 3 types of random phones.

  • Finance Phone: Call up Hoggmeiser at Zeneski Financial Services to ask for a loan. He may give you money or take some away.
  • Delivery Phone: Call up Netherworld Pizza and order a Delivery. Adds a Pizza to your Inventory.
  • Really Random Phone: Has the description of "Who knows what will happen?". Doesn't seem to do anything.
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