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Ceefore is a character in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless. She is first introduced at the start of chapter 2, later appearing in chapter 3 where she acts as a mid-chapter boss before being recruited. She uses the Thief class, specializing in inflicting fire damage and is recruited at level 15.

"The real Chivalric Thief, Mouse✩Girl. She's a weapon otaku obsessed with Infernal Treasures. She loves the smell of gunpowder"- Ceefore's Unit Info



Ceefore is a lilac-haired girl with the appearance of a mid-teenager. She has deep pink eyes and small angel wings growing from her back. She is dressed in a similar manner to the Kunoichi's of the franchise, made up of dark stockings ending in lilac sandals, a blue shirt with pink "cupholders" and a pink drape with a bat emblazoned in black upon it. Prior to being recruited, she wears a black domino mask that hides her eyes completely.


Ceefore is an odd but sweet angel. Despite her allias as the Chivalric Mousegirl, who acts as any demon does, she actually only adopted this thieving persona to raise money to buy the Sardemon world back from the sea again. She has a strange fascination with weapons and explosives, almost in a fetishist way, often wishing to blow up buildings or enemies simply for the smell that lingers. She's level-headed in the most critical situations. but can become emotional if explosions are involved or someone's heartbroken.


First appears at the start of episode 2 wearing her domino mask, where she introduces herself to the party and offers them aid in ambushing the Shogun Yeyasu. Her plan involves setting off a large explosion that distracts the guards, leaving Yeyasu under guarded so party can ambush him. This plan works and the party confronts and defeats Yeyasu, before she steals his Demonic Staff of the Founding weapons from him and escape.

In episode 3, the party tracks her to Sardemon world, in an attempt to reclaim the Demonic staff from her, but are attacked by the locals who try to capture them for the reward money. She appears after a few scenarios, acts as the mid-episode boss and reveals she's been stealing and selling Infernal Treasures for a while now and has already sold off the Demonic staff, to the party's annoyance and Yeyasu's devastation. The party is then ambushed by Sea Again, the "Ocean Magistrate" who reveals that she cut a deal with him to try and buy back the fighting rights for the Sardemon world residents and reveals to her that he has no intention to honour their agreement. Thinking fast, Yeyasu tricks Sea Again into dropping his guard and Ceefore uses the moment to steal the Demonic Gun of the Founding Weapons from Sea Again, which recognises her as its wielder and uses it against him.


Burglar Delivery

Ceefore using Burglar Delivery in Disgaea 7

Other Appearances[]

Disgaea RPG[]

Ceefore appears as an obtainable character.


  • Ceefore's name is a pun of the word "C-4" a type of explosive
  • Pirilika foreshadows her true race in Episode 3, saying Ceefore is an "angel" metaphorically.
  • Ceefore seems to have become close to Fuji, as in the overworld dialogue, he is much kinder to her than the others. Example: In episode 10, when it's revealed she is an angel, she apologizes for lying, but Fuji quickly forgives her.