Cave of Ordeal 2
D1area 76
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Japanese 練武の洞窟2
Romaji Renbu no dōkutsu 2
Location Cave of Ordeal
Episode Any
Enemies Lv. 75 Nekomata x 6
Lv. 85 Cait Sithx 4
Lv. 100 Succubus
Bonus Rank 35
Geo Symbols None
Geo Panels None
Previous map Cave of Ordeal 1
Next map Cave of Ordeal 3

Cave of Ordeal 2 is the second map in the Cave of Ordeal series, in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. It has no geo symbols or panels.

This stage is heavy packed with Kit Cats. Kit Cats have high attack and counter rate. The combination of these two, can be very lethal. Also, watch out for their Mystic Blast attack, which can hit 3 spaces in front of the Kit Cat and does massive damage.

A good strategy here, would be to use long ranged attacks, for example spells, bows, guns or spears, to avoid those devastating counters. If you only use the row below the base panel and the base panel itself, you will only have to deal with four Kit Cats at first. The downside is that this leaves very little room for movement. If you move left, right or up away from the base panel, you will most likely lure out all six Nekomata and two Cait Siths as well. So this might be a bit much. The last two Cait Siths and the Succubus won't move until you enter the centre aisle. The Succubus is not that much of a threat after the pack of Kit Cats. She does, however, have two healing spells, one of which is a drain attack.

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