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Cave of Ordeal 1 is the first map in the Cave of Ordeal series, in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. It has no geo symbols or panels.

In the first turn, at least four Zakkum will reach you. Their Putrid Breath can paralyze or poison you. So try to eliminate at least two or more in the first turn. A good idea is to keep a healer, or someone else with Espoir, at ready to deal with those status ailments. The next turn, two more Zakkum will join the fight. That is, if you stay on the bottom row of the battle field, where the base panel is. If you move even one row up from where the base panel is, the Manticore will most likely spot you and join the fight as well.

The Manticore is the most dangerous opponent in this stage. Watch out for his Beast Ray attack, which hits five panels in a row in front of him. The long range of this attack makes it almost impossible to avoid.

The last two Zakkum won't move until you set foot on the upper half of the stage. So take your time with the other enemies, and leave these for last.