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Carnage Dimension is the fourth and final post-game episode of Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.


Unlocking this episode requires meeting various conditions:

  • Clear the following 4 quests, unlocked upon beating the main story:
    • Bloodthirsty Den (Beat Martial Training's Final Trial)
    • God of an Item (Kill an Item God)
    • Chara World Victory (Clear a Chara World run in Overlord Difficulty)
    • Master Researcher (Have found a Rank 35+ Netherworld through the Nether Research Squad.)
  • Clear the 4 extra stage quests that become available upon clearing each of the previous quests:
    • Violent Challenger (Beat Blood Parch's extra stage, "Violent Challenger")
    • Beautiful Assassin (Beat Icic-Hell's extra stage, "Beautiful Assassin")
    • Only Victors Wanted (Beat Sandcano's extra stage, "Winner's Only")
    • Harbinger (Beat Flowerful's extra stage, "Where it All Began")
  • Clear Post-Game Scenario 3

Meeting all these conditions enables a bill called "Fight New Enemies!", which finally unlocks the episode.


  • Fearless Laughter
  • Fight God's Return
  • Overture of Downfall