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In the Disgaea series, it is possible to capture enemy units. This is useful for increasing the power of the player's army.

How it Works[]

To capture enemies one must simply throw them into the Base Panel. This will cause the enemy to start fighting the units that are still inside. If the enemy wins the fight, the Base Panel will be destroyed, preventing the dispatching of more units or returning units to it. If the enemy loses, then they'll be captured. In Disgaea 5, all defeated enemies have a very small chance of being captured automatically.

Prior to Disgaea 4, captured enemies would simply become ally units (though unusable in the same battle since were just killed). From Disgaea 4 onwards, captured enemies are sent to the Interrogation Room first, where they can be extorted for various rewards, including turning into an ally unit like in previous games.

While in most games capturing is available by default, in Disgaea 4 it can only be done by allies in the Evil Symbol called Discipline Room, while in Disgaea 5 it can only be done once the Interrogation Room has been unlocked (during Episode 3).

It's crucial to note that only units of classes and tiers that the player has unlocked for creation can be captured, and attempting to capture locked ones will always result in destruction of the Base Panel.

Capture Squad[]

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance has another method of capturing in the form of the Capture Squad. Members of this Squad get access to the Capture Skills, which will attempt to capture enemies hit. While the skills don't actually deal any damage, they still do a damage calculation as if they were an attack. If the result of that calculation is a lethal hit then the capture succeeds, otherwise nothing happens to the enemy.

While only one of the skills is available by default, raising the level of the Squad unlocks more and increases their base power.

Name Lvl Stat / Effect Power SP Height Range / Description
Capture Skill 1 1 WeaponStat 110% 5 24/24 Attempts capture on panel in front of you.
Try very hard to capture a weakened enemy.
Capture Skill 2 4 WeaponStat 130% 15 24/24 Attempts capture on 3 panels horizontally, in front of you.
Capture weakened enemies from time to time.
Capture Skill 3 7 WeaponStat 150% 45 24/24 Attempts capture on 3x3 area in front of you.
Capture weakened enemies most of the time.