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Cannon Line is a character Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless. She is a member of the Thirteen Magistrates, the "Demon Weapon Magistrate", a direct subordinate of Demmodore Opener and wielder of the Demonic Bow of the Founding Weapons. She is also Pirilika's mother and the wife of the Demmodore, Opener.



A blond-haired woman with blue eyes and glasses with a very humanlike appearance, dressed in a black smart attire and white tie and labcoat.


She starts off extremely cold to the party but then turns into a good person by the story's end.


When the party first encounters her, she is revealed to be the second-in-command to the Demmodore. After many events unfold including when the Demmodore was revealed to be controlled by Fuji's former master, Mugai, Cannon Line ultimately sacrifices herself to protect her daughter, Pirilika, and save the party from certain death. She is later resurrected as an angel and lives in Celestia.


Cannon Line does not appear as a boss at all as she has no fighting ability.