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Disgaea 4 Cam-Pain HQ

The Cam-Pain HQ is a feature in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. It allows the player to organize Evil Symbols and their members, appoint Cabinet members, and access the Dark Senate.


It consists of a grid-based map with each unit of the player's party on their own square. Each square represents a different stage(with the name shown as question marks before beating it), covering all story maps save for the final one, as well as the 4 Mount of Ordeal stages. After all sections have been unlocked, the remaining water sections will become brighter, but this is merely a cosmetic effect.

One can freely place and reposition Evil Symbols and units, with units that are placed adjacent to each other getting increased Team Attack chance. Units can be talked to, with each character/class having their own unique phrases. Dead units will appear as graves and can't be interacted with until revived.

There's also the option to send units to a special room called the Support Group. While a unit is in there they are not part of the player's party(preventing their use in combat) but they also don't appear in the Cam-pain HQ, which helps to keep it decluttered.


  • Despite the Cam-Pain HQ map that is supposed to be a map of the Netherworld, there are stages in Episodes 8-10 that appear in other locations such as the Human World but is shown on the map to be part of the Netherworld once beaten.
  • When entering the Cam-Pain HQ, the player will hear a quote from one of the story party members like the player would hear from a Teacher in Disgaea 3 when entering the Classroom Assembly.