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Disgaea 4 Cabinet

The Cabinet is a feature in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten that is accessed through the Cam-Pain HQ. It allows the player to appoint units Cabinet Ministers, each with their own bonus.

Most available positions increase the stat growth of the Minister as well as any unit sharing an Evil Symbol with them. However, two of the positions instead have unique effects related to the game's online connectivity functions.

Only the first 4 positions are unlocked by default, with more opening up as one progresses the story:

  • Hades Party Leader: Increases all stats growth by 10%. Later renamed to Netherworld President.
  • Education Minister: Increases all stats growth by 5%.
  • Foreign Minister: (Online function) Will appear to other players as a Senator, and can be assigned to perform the gimmick of a Legendary Senator.
  • Defense Minister: (Online function) Can be summoned by other players to help them by using the Red Cellphone item.
  • Agriculture Minister: Increases HP growth by 12.5%.
  • Internal Minister: Increases SP growth by 12.5%.
  • Judicial Minister: Increases ATK growth by 12.5%.
  • Environment Minister: Increases DEF growth by 12.5%.
  • Financial Minister: Increases INT growth by 12.5%.
  • Labor Minister: Increases RES growth by 12.5%.
  • Science Minister: Increases HIT growth by 12.5%.
  • Strategy Minister: Increases SPD growth by 12.5%.
  • Trade Minister: Increases ATK growth by 25%.
  • Land Minister: Increases INT growth by 25%.