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Bridge is the final stage in Episode 13: War of the Netherworld, Part 2 in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. This stage is only available during this chapter.


When they arrive on the bridge, Gordon immediately demands that Carter releases Jennifer. Carter agrees and Jennifer shows herself. The team is a bit surprised that she looks so normal, after the wild scenario their brain had cooked up before. But looks can be deceiving, as Jennifer has become a puppet. Carter orders her to defeat Gordon and she complies, kicking her former partner's butt. While Gordon is contemplating what to do - without hurting Jennifer - Kurtis shows up. He sacrifices his life to save Jennifer from her current predicament. Laharl then calls upon Death, asking to lead Kurtis' soul to his family's side.

When Carter calls upon some Angels to finish the job, the team suprisingly finds out about Celestia's involvement.

After the battle, the team says their goodbyes to Kurtus.


The Angels can heal each other. So to avoid them healing each other, focus your attacks on the number of enemies you can take out in one turn. The Angels are somewhat grouped together, so using area of effect skills is a good idea. You can also use spells but because of the Angel's high resistance, it would be better to use physical attacks for this fight.