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Bloodis is an antagonist from Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. He is Void Dark's right hand man and one of the Demon Generals who leads the Lost. It is said that his strength is second only to Void Dark's. He is actually Goldion, The Great Demon Fist, Void Dark's father, who became brainwashed to fight for Void Dark.

After Killia and Zeroken performed Avidya Holy Water on him after winning the Episode 8 final battle, his brainwashing was gone, but he still pretended to be Bloodis until after he was defeated again at the end of Episode 15, when he finally revealed this to the party. It was his method to train the rebel army to defeat Void Dark. And then he supposedly died after explaining everything.

In the post-game, it is revealed that he trained in the Carnage Dimension after being rescued by a demon and fought the party again as Carnage Goldion with both Majorita and Void now in the party as well. He lost and after defeating the Prinny Overlord, Goldion became the Carnage Guide and officially joined the party.

Other appearances[]

Disgaea RPG[]

Bloodis appears as an obtainable character.