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Blessed Court is the 3rd map of Super Dimensional Etna, the 1st episode of Etna Mode.


Etna admires the castle. But so far, they haven't seen the owner yet. One of the prinnies assures her he's probably in his room. They continue: 'Standard Prinny Looting Formation!'


In this version of the map, the ATK+1 and Recovery 20% effects expand to fit near the Base Panel. Three teams of two Ghosts each residing just outside of the area on either side, with two Hobbits standing WAY at the end of the map. You can actually block the Ghosts by moving your characters near where they would move. Even though the Ghosts are weak, the ATK +1 effect would boost their power. Note that Etna should either lead the charge against the Hobbits, or throw the Hobbits near the hopefully character-occupied Yellow Panels, then combo the two to death. The Mages should be saved for last. Don't hesitate to move your Healers onto the boosted panels so they can heal your troops back to full HP before charging, since the Mages will pelt any charging character with Ice and Fire magic spells.