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Blazing Firestorm is the first map in Ch 3: The Freshman Leader! in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice.


The Vato Bros complain that Mao is late, they've been waiting so long. They claim to know Mao's weaknesses, which Mao denies; apparently Mao's lack of friends is his weakness. Mao repeats that he needs no one, and that he's even discarded the parent-child relationship a long time ago. Almaz feels pity for Mao, since he apparently grew up alone, with no one to rely on. Almaz also wonders if Beryl is ok.


The Yellow panels are on both sides of the pathway, but the Blocks don't move. Don't fear stepping on them, unless you want to try to force the enemies to step on them and then throw the Blocks onto the panels to take advantage of the stacking Damage. If you're not overleveled, that might be a good plan. Keep your squishies away from the Zombies, that Removable Skull move can hurt. Don't worry about reaching the Beast Tamers on the pillars, they'll come down when you get close enough.