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Blazing Field is the third map in the fourth episode, Gift From an Angel, in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


Laharl asks Flonne what kind of person Seraph Lamington is. Flonne says he is a nice man who likes flowers and poems. Laharl points out he was inquiring after the Seraph's weaknesses. Etna asks if Flonne looks up to the Seraph, and says she looks up to Krichevskoy; Laharl is offended at what a terrible vassal she is.


The Damage +20% does not begin on the red panels; one option is to simply throw a character over to it, and have that one throw the 20% onto the red, and wait a few turns. Of course, this also skips the exp gained by killing the mobs.

Most of the first row of Pumpkins can be taken out in the first turn easily. Destroy the Enemy Boost symbol as soon as you can. The rest tend to engage piecemeal and shouldn't be too difficult if the player gangs up on them with their own party. The Nightmare casts some pretty painful spells, so nuke him hard as soon as the Mage can get into range.

Avoid lining up in 1x3 patterns, that's just asking for it.