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Suredeath Hellman Beyond X is one of the Diez Gentlemen who appear in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. Although not revealed until the Final Chapter, Beyond X influences the story under the guise of Succubus teacher Machiko-sensei. Beyond X’s primary skill is the ability to transform into any form, making her an ideal choice for covert operations although most claim she is just a cosplay freak.

First introduced as one of the NPCs in the Evil Academy and one of many teachers that can preside over homeroom, Ms. Machiko later appears in the story itself attempting, alongside fellow teacher Kotter Sensei, to stop Mao from going to class. After this, her role remains that of a minor NPC until the final chapter, although speaking to her at certain points in the game foreshadows the appearance of the Diez Gentlemen.

In the Final Chapter, Beyond X reveals her true identity after Mao and his party defeat Prinny Mask. She planned to have Shyrone and Gorillian ambush them after her introduction, but was thwarted by the Vato Brothers. She and the other two prepared to face them anyway, but were forced to retreat after Salvatore’s defection and the appearance of Master Big Star, Gold Knuckle and the PTA. They later fought Mao’s party alongside Aurum himself, but were defeated.

After the final defeat of Aurum, Beyond X continued teaching at the Evil Academy as Ms. Machiko, as she got addicted to “playing teacher”.

She can also appear in an Innocent Town, asking "Say, what do you think about girls who cosplay?"

Other Appearances[]

Disgaea RPG[]

Beyond X appears as an Boss NPC character during the Main Story Season 2 Episode 6.