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Beauty of Evil is the second and final map of the Beauty Castle bonus stage in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

The battle fought here is against Marjoly, a recurring character in the Disgaea series. Defeating Marjoly is a requirement for unlocking Baal Castle. The other requirement is defeating Priere, the final boss in the bonus stage Alternate Netherworld.


Upon entering the Stage, Laharl senses some kind of energy. Immediately, he demands the unseen presence to show themselves.

Marjoly makes a grand entrance, winking playfully at her guests. Etna seems surprised, but Laharl is unphased and orders Etna to not let her guard down. Etna recovers quickly and proceeds to comments on the witch's skimpy outfit. Then something clicks... and she realized who exactly it is, standing in front of them: "It can't be... The most malevolent witch in the entire galaxy..."

Obviously, Laharl sees this as a golden opportunity to claim the title of 'most malevolent' for himself... by defeating Marjoly in combat.


Marjoly is flanked by 2 male healers. These need to be eliminated first. Otherwise, they will just keep healing all the damage you inflict. Try to eliminate at least one, or both healers in the first turn.

Marjoly has a lot of HP, over 770K, and her stats all top the 30K bar. She has all magic spells on Tera level, so she can dish out a lot of spell damage. You need at least 15K resistance to avoid a one hit KO from her Tera Star spell.

It would be advisable to only attempt this map if your character's stats can match those of the boss, or at least come close. Marjoly is a level 2500 boss. But just matching her level will not be enough to be able to defeat her. If you're unable to beat this map, it is recommended to strengthen your equipment through the Item world.

Marjoly has 4 unique legendary rank 40 (legendary) items equipped: Nyanko Soul, Gao's Guts, Fair Crowdia, and Myao's Cat Ears. You cannot steal them. However, completing this map results in Marjoly joining you, and thus giving you access to her equipment.

Etna mode[]

In Etna mode, completing this map does not cause Marjoly to join you.